0% Lines of Credit for house flippers

Fundwise Capital offers unsecured credit lines at 0% interest for 9-15 months. This has been awesome for #startups, #businessowners and #houseflippers.

Just check out


It’s really a great news, I check it out 0% interest just amazing.

There is more to it than that soundbite. Not trying to be negative,but these lenders never tell the full story.

Fundwise Capital lines of credit start at 0% for 9 - 12mos. If a house flipper uses it to fix and flip and pays off the loan, there is no interest. After that, the interest is about 6%. Fundwise Capital is fully transparent. The borrower is given all the terms upfront, then they make a decision to go ahead with the LOC or not. This can be used to buy and flip a house, start a new business, buy inventory, etc. Things banks are not willing to do. Better rate than hard money. The link goes to a landing page for getting more info.