$1,500 Cashflow Sounds Simple Enough???

While I am not trying to get rich by any means I am trying to make what I need to survive. I am a military vet with 50k in savings, a 730 credit score and NO debt. I have been at my new job for 4 months and making 50k a year. I am renting a really nice condo for $1300 a month but will downsize in 6 months to focus that cash into real estate. I live a modest lifestyle, single, no kids, and am very good at keeping my money. I have a house with 30k to pay off thats a vacation rental (not rented often) that I would like to live in when I retire. I live in Miami now. Everything here is being bought by overseas investors so most bargans are quickly bought. I would consider anything within a 2 hr radious for investing. Now seems like the time!

So I have many options but as professionals what route should I focus on???

Multiplexes cash vs loan and repair $

Buy and Flip then hold the right ones cash vs loan and repair $

Pay off the vacation home then flip or multiplex

Other ideas…

Im not sure I could get a loan with my work history at this point but I do have taxes for 3 years. Its just that I havent been at this job long. There are many options but getting pointed in the right direction I can focus and make my future plans come true. I would appreciate your suggestions.

Happy Veterans Day!