$1000.00 Ron Legrand RECourse is it worth it ? - Posted by antonio

Posted by Mark Mallen on December 04, 1999 at 14:45:41:

Scott, The right courses can be very valuable to certain people. I am sure Ron Legrand has helped many people. As far as Bill Bronchick and Joe Kaiser, I would say they are excellent sources for information. They are both active investors and are also very creative. I have doubts though, about your statement that Ron Legrand has original ideas not found in books. I have been an active investor for 17 years and have purchased a large amount of property using creative financing. All the methods were learned in books or were adapted to the ideas to fit my needs. There are very few NEW methods of buying property creatively. (on the other hand Bronchick has an excellent method of asset protection that I have never seen before)

The value in any book or course is that the author explains it in a way that is easy to understand. The challenge for new investors is to apply the information. I do not disagree with you that courses can save you a lot of time. The question is; How much is an individuals time worth?

$1000.00 Ron Legrand RECourse is it worth it ? - Posted by antonio

Posted by antonio on December 04, 1999 at 08:51:09:

I would like to thank everyone that took a few minutes
out of their time to reply to my previous posting, I’am
grateful for that.

By the way, I don’t mind spending a thousand dollars in a Real Estate Course provided that I get something out of it. Can anyone that had good and bad experience with Ron Legrand Course tell me what should I expect from his course. I read the description of his course on his website and he got exactly what I’m looking for (no money down transaction, flip the properties with out owning, No Rental and Landlording ect.)but then again all this could be just a manupulation to buy his course. I would be appreciated if someone can tell me what guarantee that I can tell my self that I have, so that I don’t that fell that I’m wasting a $1000.00 that I could use on something else, because my friends already telling my that one thounsand dollars is a lot of money to be spending on something that I don’t know anything about, but than again sometimes you have to take risk or a leap of faith to move forward.
any comments or advise would be greatly appreciated.
all my thanks in advance.

Yes…and here’s why… - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on December 04, 1999 at 13:42:25:

Yes I would HIGHLY recommend all three of Legrand’s home study courses.

Here’s why…I’ve done what Mark suggested and purchased TONS of books for bookstore on investing. Very few if any has such creative techniques as Legrand’s and other featured here at this site…I wasted TONS of precious studying on reading books that were that average buy, conventional loan, and hold…

Legrand’s package for $997 was recommended to me by a well know investor in Texas and I did not want to drop that much change for “ONE” big course…

Well, I now have ALL three of Legrand’s courses, Bronchick’s, Kaiser’s …and other that is primarly my basis for doing deals…

Know ALL the creative techniques you can imagine will help you become a “Dealmaker”

You’ll be able to offer something to seller no matter what their situation is…

Also, I’ll email some other info…


Re: $1000.00 Ron Legrand RECourse is it worth it ? - Posted by Mark Mallen

Posted by Mark Mallen on December 04, 1999 at 09:27:04:

I would start with some good real estate books before you consider spending $1,000. Nothing Down for the Nineties by Robert Allen and Streetwise Investing in Rental Housing by H. Roger Neil would be a good place to start.

Too many beginning investors think real estate information alone will give them the necessary skills to be successful. The most successful real estate investors are also are skilled in sales, marketing, and negotiating. Some of these skills can be learned and some come with experience. Email me if you would like a list of good marketing and sales books.

You have already taken the first step necessary for real estate success. Asking questions and acquiring specialized knowledge. The internet is an unbelievable source for free information and advice.

One more necessary step to successful real estate investing is one not many people talk about. You have to be able to analyze your personal financial and credit situation and choose the ideal types of real estate investment strategies to make money in YOUR market. Do not get stuck buying an expensive course that teaches strategies that do not fit your needs.

Re: $1000.00 Ron Legrand RECourse is it worth it ? - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on December 04, 1999 at 09:06:23:

Antonio, if you’re talking about the Cash Flow System
we offer here in the Online Catalog, that is three (3)
individual courses for $997.