12 liens, how can I get them released, anybody?? - Posted by Chris

Posted by Chris on October 10, 2003 at 17:37:30:

Family home,3 bdr 1 bath, left to 8 grown children when my mom died 22 years ago. 22 years later brother moves out but house is in disrepair.

The property is mortgage free so I was getting a loan to fix up the property and rent. Property appraised at $72K.

One week from closing I find out 3 of the 8 family members have judgments/lien.

Title Co says they have to be paid before disbusing the loan although the liens are not against the property.

Deadbeat brother #1- IRS lien $6k lien date Jan 2003.

Dead beat brother #2 -creditor liens dating back to 1991 for support enforcement, school loans and creditors totaling $3.7K

Deadbeat brother #3 has court judgments from when he went to prison in 1991 totaling $2.6K

Do you think I can get any of these judgments freed? Alternatively, would deeding the property to me work???