16 yr old with a goal! - Posted by Jason Madsen

Posted by Mike-SD on June 18, 2000 at 19:59:03:

Hi Jason
Hope this helps…don’t get side tracked.
How is doing anything but real estate investment going to get you to your goal of becoming a real estate investor?

Going into the Navy?
They teach real estate investment?
Going to jr.college and taking real estate courses…is that really real estate investment?
It’s more information on real estate…that’s about all it is.
Even a real estate license is not real estate investing.
The truth is that having a license is more sales oriented.

I have a question for you…please?
What’s wrong with the wealth of information found on this site?
What about the articals, books, success stories and the news groups themselves?

What do they say to do to become successful?
Choose a subject.
Focus on your chosen subject.

If you want to ever become…you must start working at what you what to become; or it just may not happen at all.
Jason don’t get side tracked.
Keep focused on the subject, that you want to become a expert in.
The subject is real property…real estate investment or something else that you choose.

You pick the subject…it’s your choice…you choose then you act on that choice.
Hope that helps…Mike-SD

16 yr old with a goal! - Posted by Jason Madsen

Posted by Jason Madsen on June 04, 2000 at 19:59:32:

Hi Im a 16 yr old high school kid stuck in a small texas town. But I dont want to be hear forever! I see all my friend finishing high school and ending up working small time jobs for the man. Well thats not for me. I got goals man. Im going to the Navy to get some cash for collage and becomeing a Real Estate Investor. I dont know much on the subject but this site has convised me that all i need is a Goal. If I work hard and relly want it bad enough I’ll get it. But I need some help. When I get to collage what class should I take to prepare myself on the matter? Any help would be great. Just think how better you would have done if you started at a younger age.

Thank you,
Jason Madsen

Re: 16 yr old with a goal!(long) - Posted by Mel FL

Posted by Mel FL on June 18, 2000 at 17:12:12:

Jason I can relate to you. I was young when I first started wanting to get involved in RE investing. I am now only 26, and though that most likly sounds old to you its reletivly young to be started in RE.

I will tell you what is going to be the hardest thing for you, being young you are going to hear that you are foolish many many times. The best way to overcome this is to get around people who are actually DOING it. There will people that you respect that will bring you down. If you try to talk to people in the RE biz. (non-investors) they will tell you that it can’t be done that way. Realtors, mortgage brokers, and even some investors will tell you that the methods you will find here @ this site wont work. They may even tell you they are illeagal! They are wrong! I finally got the nerve to do it and now I have quit my job! I’ll never go back.

To get around like minded people you may have to travel a little. Try to find the investment club in the nearest big city. You could even call some “I buy houses” ads and ask to take the investor that answers to lunch.

As far as (college) coarses to help you, I don’t know. I have not gone that far with my education. I bet if I had, it would help.

Your plan to go in the Navy is probably a good one. Try to get stationed in the states though. Save your money and use it for education. Start with some cheap books. Read them cover to cover twice or three times until you really understand them. This site has tons of great info, and is the best on the net-by far. Read it all! Then maybe Carlton Sheets he really covers the basics of investing. When your ready to make serious money get Bronchicks and LeGrande’s stuff (and others).

Also dont be afraid to read and listen to “self help” it will really keep you motivated. I recomend Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy, oh and Zig Ziglar is great too.

Remember don’t get side tracked, alot of those Navy guys will try to get you to spend all you time and money partying. A little won’t kill you but keep it under control.

If you are serious and you really stay focused you WILL make it. The only person that can really stand in your way is you. But remember this; YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. It is only action that will bring change into your life. If you do something EVERYDAY that brings you closer to your goal you will get there.

One final thing; Be patient with yourself you have time. It took me almost three years to make my first offer, of coarse I wish I had done it sooner but I sure am glad I never quit!


Re: 16 yr old with a goal! - Posted by Lorenzo,NC

Posted by Lorenzo,NC on June 05, 2000 at 08:13:18:

It’s great to see a teenager with some goals in mind. Keep in mind that most people in this world will talk down to you about your goals in REI and you have to remain confident. I would advise you to try and find a mentor in your area and just sit and learn all you can about REI. Oh yeah, just read,read,read all you can about REI and self improvement books to continue a good mindset.