2013 Predictions

Does anyone have any predictions for this year? What will be the top performing commercial sector?

I am picking retail in that employment and confidence continues to improve unless the government throws a wrench at all of us with the debt ceiling negotiations.

Well, I haven’t been too keen on retail space. As many people flock to the Internet to purchase things and start businesses, I see this sector going down. Just look around your town and I’m sure you’ll notice a lot of empty retail stores. My continued predictions have been with apartments and medical. Just remember that everyone needs a place to live. And there is always a need for medical attention. But not everyone needs a retail store.

I agree apartment and medical will continue to experience growth. Retail is my dark horse pick for 2013 based on employment and confidence figures improving as time goes on. Apartment will be interesting to follow as construction projects are finished and there is more supply on the market that will offset some of the high demand. Time will tell if the new buildings are enough to absorb the demand.