Posted by Carrie on September 15, 2003 at 13:59:00:

Hi Anthony,

I will be 20 next week and bought my first two properties last May. One is a rental that we got at a discount with good cashflow and the other we live in and plan to sell in two years for at least 15k profit after a good amount of rehab - we are learning ALOT! You can do this business at any age it just takes education, determination and self-disicpline to acheive your goals. So if you haven’t already I suggest that you read this entire site, multiple times, start learning your market,go to the chat room and this board and ask questions, read every rei book you can find at the library, read ron starrs post for beginners, then if you decide that you really want to do this maybe purchase a specific course for the method of rei that most interests you. Everyone has the chance to be successful - most people just don’t try.

Best Wishes!

Carrie A. Rial


Posted by Anthony on September 15, 2003 at 11:17:36:

Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone who started to invest in rental properties at the age of 20 or around that age. If there is, I was wondering if you could share your success with me. I’ve been searching the success stories and havent been able to find anything I want. I think I’m ready to start, but I have no confidence in myself to think that I’m going to be successful. If someone could motivate me I would appreciate it. THANK YOU.

Re: 20YR OLD HERE WHO NEEDS MOTIVATION - Posted by eric-fl

Posted by eric-fl on September 18, 2003 at 16:36:46:

Join the Air Force. I’m totally serious. My father was an LC, and I had a lot of exposure to the culture growing up. Why the Air Force? Because they will help to cultivate exactly what you are seeking - “internal motivation”. In fact, that’s actually what they call it, and they distinguish it from “external” motivation. You see, in the Air Force, they want people who are motivated from within, think independently, and act with self responsibility. This is in direct contrast to many of the other armed forces, wherein the motivation is almost purely external, and what they are seeking most is immediate compliance to orders.

*** Before going any further, let me state - I am not making a judgement call about the armed services here - I greatly admire all of them, and came very close to enlisting in the Marines at one point - decided against for purely personal reasons. I’m not looking to start a side debate.*****

The reason that the Air Force is different about all of this, isn’t because they are “smart”, or the Army is “dumb” - it’s got to do directly with their mission, and their operating environment, which is markedly different from the other services. It dictates the “corporate culture”, if you will. Again, this isn’t to say the other services don’t - but in the Air Force, there is much more direct responsibility assigned to personnel, even amongst the lower ranks. They are so stringent about it, they literally will not even tolerate your bouncing a check, not even off base. Spend a couple of years operating in that environment, learn a skill, serve your country - and you WILL develop that internal sense of motivation.

It’s just free advice, and you can take it for what it’s worth - but I can tell you this, without hesitation. Real Estate is not a job, it’s a business. And in this, as in any business, you MUST be absolutely several times motivated than the average person to succeed, as an entrepreneur (vs. an employee). A few years detour, at such a young age, might actually SAVE you time in the dividends it will pay down the road.

What do you really want? - Posted by Del-Ohio

Posted by Del-Ohio on September 15, 2003 at 23:51:40:

Human beings in their native state are curious, interested and “motivated”. When these characteristics are lacking there is something blocking these native instincts.

What are you really concerned about?

What is the major obstacle to you being successful in real estate?

What THING are you really afraid that you can not do at your age?

Thinking of it this way may help you ask the right questions.

You have a powerful group of people on the board that can help you out if you identify what you want to know.

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