24 hour Free Recorded Messages - Posted by Larry S.

Posted by Don (VA) on April 06, 2007 at 18:37:51:

I use Freedom Voice (www.freedomvoice.com). They’re affordable ($10 to $30 a month depending on the bells and whistles plus your toll-free time…about a nickle a minute). I use the $30 a month version, which let’s you do a lot of programming (call redirects, message retrieval) on the Web. And they track everything, including hang-ups.

As for scripts, I wrote my own as well. Call a few of the other numbers (you can find them lots of places…start with bandit signs), listen to what they say, then–don’t steal or copy–adapt what they say to your market and your style.

If you hate hearing your own voice (as I do), you can even have a professional read your script for you. There’s an additional fee, of course, but it’ll sound really professional.

24 hour Free Recorded Messages - Posted by Larry S.

Posted by Larry S. on April 04, 2007 at 18:34:08:

Good Evening! I have two questions for anybody using these types of messages. First, where can I get effective scripts for 24 hour free recorded messages for buying and selling houses? If you know of a free source I’d prefer that, of course. Otherwise, does anybody use scripts that get results and are inexpensive? Second, what service is efficient, cost effective and captures every number that is dialed, even if the person inquiring hangs up? Any information along these lines would be greratly appreciated. Thanks so much and prosperous investing! Sincerely, Larry S. Riverview, FL

Re: 24 hour Free Recorded Messages - Posted by S FL. Rich

Posted by S FL. Rich on April 05, 2007 at 10:35:41:


I like using VMAIL, they are a complete service that will track EVERYTHING. The website is: http://www.gotvmail.com and you can even have the messages emailed to you. It’s not expensive either. Our phone number is 561-202-8717 if you need an example of the service.

For the Call Script – We just wrote our own and get excellent results from it.

Best of Luck,

Rich Urban
Ultimate Apprentice Mentor