24x44 dw (my mh repair degree (:-) - Posted by Robb

Posted by Lyal on August 06, 2003 at 06:55:46:

I think it’s a good idea to get involved (at a level consistent with your background in constuction / repair) on your first couple homes just to learn the construction methods and see what to look for in future purchases. Also good to get an idea of the labor involved so you can evaluate future bids from handymen (blatantly high or so low it tells you he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing).
However, your estimates for time and materials costs here look VERY optimistic. My guess is it’ll take a lot more time that you’re allowing. Also, in my opinion, the seam-lock roof is overkill. I can’t believe it’ll get you any higher price. Not something that our buyers would even notice. If it needs a new roof, I’d just put on the rubber membrane. Overlap it on your new siding and it’ll be pretty well leak proof.
All the best, Lyal

24x44 dw (my mh repair degree (:slight_smile: - Posted by Robb

Posted by Robb on August 05, 2003 at 11:00:55:

'lo all!

Just signed a purchace contract ($2400 due on sale) for a '80 sommerset 2/2. Needs siding on MH, carpet, comp of drywall mud job, paint, broken tub fixed/replaced, plastic siding replaced, and roof sealed (small leak back bedroom closet).

This is in one of the best parks here in Colorado Springs with only one empty lot. It’s right out the north gate of the Air Force base. With Iraq deployment seems like many people moving…apartments have reduced rents by $100-150 monthly. Unknown risk of holding. Lot rent paid through September.

I’m refering to this as my college education on MH repairs. Estimate value at 13-16K (maybe more if market moving) when done.

List of projects in planned order.

Siding: best way to marry new siding with roof line? pull old to get under drip rail?? mount over old with a new drip edge?? will pull all windows and set inside, router openings and reset windows. Cost $600 with 2-3 days labor.

Roof seal: Has any one re-roofed with the colored metal seam lock and seen a $2k or so increase in their sale price? Concerned I’m getting close to max pricing but would have a new roof. planning to mop roof with sealer after siding unless new info makes seam lock a sure thing.

Tub in main bath, has tub drain in center on length: Options 1)pull everything and make a shower stall (about $300) or 2) Fix tub (is this possible?) with fiberglass and/or a portland mud base or 3) new tub kit (about $500). 1-2 days labor.

Dry wall mud over the walls and ceiling in LR/DR needs to be compleated down main hall. 5 gal bucket of mud and 1 inch roller. (i hate dry wall:-) 1/2 day labor

Plastic siding:Park says to replace any with holes (ha… that would be all of it except behind the porch). Will use salvage. 1-2 days labor?

Paint: inside and out 5 gal of eggshell or semi-gloss Ivory/off white- 2 gal of blue or green for trim. 2 days labor. 150$ for paint and supplys

Carpet:$650 for 100yrds installed. Light weight burber (sp?) no labor.

Wow… a lot in one post … would it be better to list each project seperately?

Thanks to all!!


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Posted by Dan (MD) on August 07, 2003 at 11:25:04:

here’s my two cents. I’ve done three rehabs and I’ve learned a lot on all three of em…the best lesson is that less is more…you have a lot of “cosmetic” items on your list here that will really make the place look great but not nescarily get you more money.

My thinking has changed dramatically since my first rehab, you are not going to live in it, that doesn’t mean you don’t fix things right, it means that you don’t go over the top when fixing thingns up. For example, why are you fixing the drywall, mudding and painting the entire inside and out? How much do you think this will increase the price? I guess the real question is who are you selling this home too? It’s right outside a military base so if you are going after the military, then you probably should do this but if your buyer is a “desparate buyer” ie someone who is renting a room from somebody else’s mobile home, or is living with their uncle Bob or staying on a friends couch…you get the picture. This person is looking for a clean, place to call home, it may need some work but they can call it their own and when the time comes they can fix things up…

The people I have in my rehabs are very motivated to be there (one was living with his son, another with him mom) so they both were very happy and they all have done some significant improvements on their time and money. I sold the home for a few thousand dollars less but also for a few hundred hours less work on my part…