3-unit multi-family - Rent includes Utilities

Hi All,

First time posting in a while. I am in the process of purchasing a 3-family unit approximately 1/2 mile from a 14,000 student university in the state of Connecticut. Many of the landlords in the area that offer off-campus housing also offer ‘utilities included’ (at a higher rent). I’m toying with the idea of doing this but would like to hear from landlords that do it in a region that has cold winters. Obviously, I’m concerned with the spike in heating costs during the winter time and the spike in electric costs during the summer (window a/c units). I’ll also tell you that, if I go this route, the leases will have ‘ceilings’ written in so that I would only be responsible to pay for, say, Gas charge up to a certain value and then the tenants would be responsible for the overage. This should reduce the ‘all you can eat for a single price’ mentality.

Thanks in advance.