30 days vacation-- how would you spend it? - Posted by Robin(AZ)

Posted by Kristy-AZ on July 23, 2003 at 01:59:37:

Hi Robin,

First, if we had 30 days off, we would be heading for the Beach or the mountians instead of staying in this 118’ HEAT!! Wish we had a rehab with a pool right now!

Anyway, we are in the East Valley area. We are in the middle of one rehab and soon to be starting on our next in about 2 weeks. The approach to finding deals is what ever works best for you. The last 4 houses we have bought in the past 2 months have all been from diferent sources. i.e. signs, flyers, MLS and Business cards.

If you come across anything in the East Valley, send me an e-mail. we are so busy right now, with rehabbing 2 houses and in the middle of buying another one, plus the kids, puppy and business as usual, we haven’t had much time to look for more houses!

Best of luck to you.


30 days vacation-- how would you spend it? - Posted by Robin(AZ)

Posted by Robin(AZ) on July 22, 2003 at 18:51:14:


I have been doing Lonnie deals and am looking to try my hand at flipping a rehab to a rehab investor. Just assign it for a little cash, nothing fancy or “home-run” like. See if it is as much “for me” as I think it will be.

I bought some courses on flipping and read them (Bronchick and another one from someone who doesnt seem to post or sell courses here anymore so I wont say the name in case it will get my post bumped!).

I was wondering-- I have 30 days off from my job. I’d like to devote that time to making that first flip happen. My question is-- if you had 30 days, and wanted to make a flip happen, how would you go about it? My vision was to drive through the “farm” I have selected and contact every vacant house owner I can, while answering every “We buy junker houses” ad I can find to look for rehab investors. There is an “up and coming” working-class neighborhood that I believe is attracting more and more rehabbers as the months and years go by. Used to be a war zone, then just yucky, now there are some decent pockets and some neighborhood improvement groups in place. But plenty of vacant houses still. In the center of the downtown area.

Any suggestions on a different approach (or filling out and refining this approach) would be greatly appreciated (especially anyone from Phoenix).

Robin (Phoenix-AZ)