4 months - Posted by joe

Posted by joe on January 29, 1999 at 20:13:21:

First of all, I wanted to say that I think this site is
impressive. It basically has convinced me to try this little
thing called “real estate” a try. I was wondering if it is possible, likely, realistic, whatever ya want to call it…to have a real estate business up, running, and producing enough income to enable myself or my wife to quit our job in the time span of about 4 months. I realize it depends on how much effert we put in and everything, but assuming we work diligently on a part time basis.

we wanted to start out with flips, (currently going through Scott Britton course), and if this goes well would like to venture in to the L/O genre.

If we could make 20K or more profit a year, one of us could leave our current position and stay home with our current and upcoming child. The upcoming child has certainly encouraged, forced, led…again pick one, us to quit looking from the “outside in” (on all these wonderful success stories) and attempt to see the “view from the inside”. The baby is due June 7, hence we figure weve got 4 months.

We appreciate your time and comments.


joe & amy