6 Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Homes


6 Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Homes

From Jim Ingersoll: “I agree with Warren Buffett that single-family homes are an outstanding ‘asset class’ for investors. I like single-family home investing a lot better than gold, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.”

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6 Reasons to Invest in Single-Family Homes


Very good information for us novices looking to do it right! Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing Jeanne

Thanks for sharing a valuable article! This is so helpful for us starter. I’ve been looking for some reviews because me and my wife are planning to invest on a condo, which is in bukit tima Singapore.
Anyway I also want to ask the difference between freehold and leasehold, because I am seeing a lot of post about this. Yeah I do have a bit of information about it, but is it for you to share some in depth information about it? Thanks you so much and keep it up.


Thanks for sharing this article. It helped me a lot while searching for a home for myself.


This blog is really great and the information share here is also very helpful for the business men. I go through the blog, by this I come to know that family homes are very cheap now. I read here that it is good to invest in single family homes.