$750000 loan on little deals! - Posted by Bill Taylor

Posted by Ed Garcia on February 08, 2001 at 12:43:52:


You’re good people. You’ve gone to my workshop and so you know that my students always have “carte blanche” with me. But Bill, I told you at my workshop that this day would come. You’ve procrastinated unwinding the cross collateralization for quite some time now. May 29,2001 will roll around so fast your head will swim.

In the past, you’d call me, pick my brain, agree with me and then disappear.

Bill I realize that you’re an active investor who is busy and doing well, but for some reason you have handled your financing with the attitude; I’ll get to it when I can.
Bill, if I were to name a list of people who have attended my workshop that should definitely “Have Lenders Fighting To Give Them Money” you are one of them.

I know you have no problem getting financing, but you’re not getting what you deserve, and you’re putting up more than you should.

Bill, like you, I’m busy. But if you are serious about me helping you clean up your financing, you know I’m a phone call a way. I won’t leave my number because I know you already have it.

If I don’t hear from you, I hope to have a drink with you in Atlanta at the workshop.

Take care my friend,

Ed Garcia

$750000 loan on little deals! - Posted by Bill Taylor

Posted by Bill Taylor on February 07, 2001 at 21:30:57:

Ed or anybody else that has some knowledge in this area. I have a lot of homes and less than 4 unit buildings that I need to have a new loan on. The total amount will be in the 750000 range. I do believe I will be able to get it done locally without too much problem but would like to see what options are available. I have great credit. I am looking to see what the best rates available for me would be and have until May 29 2001 to do it. So at this time I have some time and may be able to benefit from some near future lower interest rates.Anybody out there have any interest in this business. Wasn’t sure if this might be of interest to you Ed? Please contact me if you can offer assistance.