80% New Construction - Posted by ron

Posted by Clint on April 22, 2006 at 08:05:08:

Most amount of money over and over and quickly as possible? Wholesale.

Building a house can take up to six months, then there’s the holding time, and you most generally can’t ‘legally’ GC any house that you aren’t going to occupy unless you have a property. You are speculating on the housing market. Everything is local. Jim Walter homes, can do the same thing for someone with their own lot and finance 100% of the house!

Wholesale, wholesale, wholesale, till you get the cash to do all cash deals, fellow.


80% New Construction - Posted by ron

Posted by ron on April 21, 2006 at 15:19:40:

I wanted to get some people’s thoughts on this

Here’s my scenario, I can get new construction built for me at 80% of true market value, I have many floor plans available.

I can search and find lots to put these on, with some effort.

Marketing to get investors is pretty easy for me, but I would like to get better at marketing to b/c and owner occupied.

If I have a real estate brokers license, can originate loans, and buy real estate over and over at 80% with the buyer needing to do construction financing.

What would you all do to make the most amount of money over and over and as quickly as possible

through marketing, or more specifically creative real estate, ore even more specifically through creative financing, carrybacks, commissions etc.