800 buy kwik, homevestoes or 800 no agent question - Posted by trisha

Posted by Frank on April 04, 2007 at 18:23:43:

800 Buy Kwik is run by none other than Scott Rister. I never used them. I heard they were expensive for the results. I would call them and ask for the names and phone numbers of some the people on board. Then you can talk to them, if Scott won’t give your their contact info, Run!

800 buy kwik, homevestoes or 800 no agent question - Posted by trisha

Posted by trisha on April 04, 2007 at 10:42:56:

Has anyone out there ever used these companies? I was curious as to who they use for call territory routing? I need a good call routing company.

Even if you have not used these companies, any call routing company that can route calls from specific areas to the correct terriotory would be helpful. Thank you!!

Re: 800 no agent question - Posted by Jack

Posted by Jack on April 06, 2007 at 18:39:18:

I tried 1-800 No Agent in '04 for about four months. Very expensive (for me) monthly fee that yielded about 50 calls per day when the TV ads aired. These ads were also very expensive and set up by the 1-800 No Agent ad rep.

I did a few small deals, so I broke even. It is a numbers game. Comb through hundreds of calls and find a few pearls. But the meter is running while you’re combing, so the pressure is on. Caused me to do a few deals that I’m still living with.

A Nashville 1-800 No Agent licensee, who I spoke with prior to signing up, claimed he did $250K in deals per year with cheaper radio ads. He said TV ads pulled too many distant owners, which was my experience. (I did not try radio ads.)

Another newby (RE Broker)in the Cinci area lasted about as long as I did and never got a deal. He paid a higher monthly fee due to being in a bigger market than I was in. (We spoke weekly about our results.)

Good luck.