A Different Kool Seal

In my area the silver colored “cool seal” is the most often used color for coating the roofs of mobile homes. “kool Seal” is actually a brand name and not necessarily the one I have used.

I have never much cared for applying this type of product and recently questioned my reason for doing so. I stood in the aisle at Lowe’s and looked at the 3 roof sealants they had. The silver equivalent of “kool seal” was $62 for 5 gallons.

The next two products were a white colored, siloconized, elastomeric coating that was reputed to last 7 years and 10 years respectively. The prices were $72 and $82 for the upgrades.

I went with the $82, 10 year version called “Ultra-roof 1000” by Black Jack.

Folks I am very impressed with this stuff so far. Let’s face it, this is the price I pay for latex Kilz and yet this stuff is supposed to flex 350% more (whatever that means) than regular sealant and save up to 30% on cooling bills.

I recalled a tenant asking my why I chose silver since she had so much better results (on her cooling bill) with white roof sealant in her previous home. Maybe there is something to this.

I painted this stuff on the singlewide trailer in a couple of hours using a 10 foot extension latter and 12’ aluminum extension pole attached to a 9" paint roller with 3/4" nap cover. Easy as pie. No fuss, no mess, no walking on the rolling thunder metal roof I was truly amazed at how well this coated.

I am now wondering why I couldn’t paint the exterior or metal singlewides with this stuff? It says on the side that it can be tinted. It would cost less than traditional paint and likely last more. I can tell you it certainly covers stains far better than any paint I have ever used.

This may well be my new go to paint product for exterior and roofing.


Tony, Is this a latex or oil based product?

It is a real thick latex. Easy on the user, easy to clean up, no odor.

After uncut grass, ragged skirting and dilapidated steps; Getting the roofs looking good is a very cost effective improvement to the appearance of a MHP.

And the white stuff sounds like it has some real benefits.

I was able to cover the entire roof of this 14x70 with less than 5 gallons of this product. The manufacturer suggests you to roll 2 coats on with a separation of 24 to 48 hours. They suggest you roll the second coat perpendicular to the original coat.

To be honest I want to see if this product can replace the old in one coat. Yes this voids the warrantee etc. but let’s fact it, most of use are not going to go back 2 days later and roll the roof again.

I live in a real world as do you so for this home and the next one I want to see just how it holds up. Worse case scenario I end up doing it again but since it is just me that does this work there is no else I am putting out.

Sure if you are going to try it, then do as the manufacturer suggests.


While discussing roof the need to seal roofs with a handyman/pro I greatly respect, he mentioned that for the traditional Kool Seal he would add 1/2 a bag of play sand (like your kids might use in the sandbox) to each 5 gallon bucket of Kool Seal. He swears it would make it last 10 years on the roof.

Worth trying.