A.G.Kessler - Posted by C.D. Donato

Posted by Elvis on January 21, 2002 at 19:04:29:

I went to a meeting of the Nashville real estate investors and one of his reps spoke. This guys was obviously a “rep” who had done ZERO investing. Being a newbe, I called to follow up with them when they offered a mentoring program. I got a huge hard sell program from them. “Can you send the money today?” “We don’t release the names of our clients to respect their privacy” etc. I wouldn’t have any thing to do with this outfit. Just my opinion, but they sure rubbed me the wrong way. I think you’d get much more from a good RIA group. And wouldn’t pay nearly as much money!

A.G.Kessler - Posted by C.D. Donato

Posted by C.D. Donato on January 20, 2002 at 24:28:36:

I just got something in the mail from him. Has anybody heard of him? He sounds like a guru, which I could use,but I’m not going to waste my money!!!

Re: A.G.Kessler - Posted by Mark (SDCA)

Posted by Mark (SDCA) on January 23, 2002 at 11:04:59:

You mean AD Kessler right??
I have his book a Fortune At Your Feet and have heard him speak. I am not a big fan of his. He doesn’t have evenough meat for me. I want real practical strategies. And his are few and far between.