A little humor about understanding where your money goes. - Posted by Stew(NE)

Posted by Eduardo (OR) on May 03, 2000 at 18:53:05:

A little humor about understanding where your money goes. - Posted by Stew(NE)

Posted by Stew(NE) on May 03, 2000 at 09:56:17:

After sitting through a high pressure sales pitch about buying a timeshare for the amazing low price of $17,000 (Normally it’s $23,000). I got angry that this person would take my daughter’s education for almost 2 years and put it to foolishness. My daughter starts this year at the University of Nebraska. Once I visualized what that amount represented to me. It was much easier to stand my ground. I wrote this little piece to ease my mind. It is a combination of my RDPD and SPIN books.

The Amazing ShrinkWallet (The W is pronounced like a V in German)
(The magician enters as the crowd hushes)

He looks around and picks someone from the audience at random.
(He does this by sending out ?You have just won or You could be a winner or Low, Low Payments or
No Interest until H___ Freezes over or You deserve a Vacation, New Car, Stove, and Furniture)
Even though many jump at the chance only one lucky vic? I mean contestant is chosen.
(The members in the crowd are upset and think, ?Why wasn?t I chosen?.
The Amazing ShrinkWallet asks the member a few key questions to see where his contestant problem areas are located. ?I hate riding the bus to work?, said the Contestant. (Whom we will call Mr. Muddled Thinking.)
?Mr. Thinking, Do you know that Oprah said that all people on buses eventually die of cancer?, said ShinkWallet.
(Loud sigh from the crowd, Mr. Thinking picks up on it)
?You need and deserve to live a long life?, said ShrinkWallet.
?I care about you so much that I am going to see if I can talk my manager, just this once and for you, to allow me to sell you a car.
Mr. Thinking is overwhelmed with gratitude. ?Could you do that for me??
ShrinkWallet comes back with his hands behind his back.
In one hand he has the monthly payment, in the other the total payment.
He shows Mr. Thinking the hand with the monthly payment.
?I fought for you tooth and nail, you should be eternally grateful. I fought so hard I might get fired (He left off, if I don?t make this sale).
?The payment is only $150 dollars per month?
Thinking?s thoughts.
(What a coincidence, I make $150 dollars per month, I could do this)
(This guy really likes me, if he fought so hard for me)
(I have had a rough life, My mom hates me, I hate my mom, and I should have been rich)
(This guy is my friend and will do anything for me. After all, he?s known me all of an half hour)

(Authors note: Notice the lack of the question, ?What?s in the other hand??)

?Let?s do it!? exclaims Mr. Thinking.
The lights go dim; Mr. ShrinkWallet says some magic words like, ?Hocus Pocus.?
And Viola?Mr. Thinking just paid 20,000 dollars for a $10,000 car.

10,000 dollars that could pay for his education.
10,000 dollars that could pay for an investment
10,000 dollars that could put clothes on his Kids back.

Shows Over.