A perfect Answering Service script... - Posted by Dmitry

Posted by soapymac on April 20, 2000 at 11:36:18:

with your answering machine (an answering service script amounts to the same thing.) Those questions do need to be asked, but you should ask them in person…you can learn alot about the situation from hearing the other person’s voice.

Go to Joe Kaiser’s site …www.nothingdown.com I think. Peruse his site looking for the perfect answering machine script. I think it is in the “Brain Droppings” area. If you listen to his script and reword it just ever so slightly, you will avoid the cost of an answering service, training the answering service reps…and all that stuff.

Remember, the SOLE PURPOSE for anyone to call you is to find out how motivated THEY are to either BUY from you or SELL to you. That can be done with a good answering machine and a good script.


Roy MacLean

A perfect Answering Service script… - Posted by Dmitry

Posted by Dmitry on April 18, 2000 at 23:56:04:


Does anybody have any experience with Answering Service scripts? Is there a perfect one out there? What questions should I absolutely put there? What questions should I avoid? For example, a question about existing financing can sometimes get rejected by the callers, and if there is an operator who simply reads the script, she would not know how to deal with it.
In Ron LeGrand’s programs, the script that Ray Rach reads on tape is significantly different from the one on the floppy disk, and, honestly, I did not like either one…
Any recommendations?
Here is what I thought I would put in there. I would like to keep the conversation under 2 minutes long, plus avoid complicated questions that the operator will have no clue about… I think multiple choice questions are the best, since it’s makes it difficult to misinterpret the answer.

  1. Name, address
  2. Address of the property
  3. Basic facts about the property (#baths/bedrooms, etc.)
  4. Asking price? Is it currently listed? If yes, when does it expire?
  5. Existing financing, balance, monthly payments?
  6. When need to have it sold?
  7. Would be interested in learning more about lease/option?
  8. Would consider getting part of equity in installments?

Please do not hesitate to criticize and suggest improvements.