A real House

A consumer‘s perception is very much influenced by the drivel of the media’s talking heads. The raison d’etre of the advertising industry is to persuade people to accept a certain idea, regardless of the validity of the same. So do Politicians try to convince voters to support their con-games. However, seldom do consumers actually research an idea, a concept or a product, to arrive at an informed conclusion.
A ‘real home’ is perceived as a site-built home; a manufactured home is perceived as a mobile home, or worse, a trailer. A typical, 3bdrms.2baths, site-built home has usually a concrete foundation, is of a 2x4 inch lumber construction, has a pitched, asphalt shingled roof, the exterior is sheathed with vinyl or wooden siding or a brick veneer of no structural value, or with stucco. The windows may be double- paned, and the entrance doors are either wooden or of a steel type. All exterior walls and the ceilings are insulated. It may, or may not, have a fireplace and laundry room. The home may also have a carport or a garage. The cost of the home will be well over $100,000.-and it would rent for $1200.- plus in my area.
The modern double- wide we are installing has a concrete foundation (runners), offers the same construction and specifications and amenities as the site-built, plus an insulated floor. The sizes of our double-wides range from 1456 sq.ft.to 1624 sq.ft. and also compare favorably. The homes rent from $700.-to 750.- per month. Carports are not offered at this time. The homes are on 100’x100’ or 100’x120’ lots which are larger than the lots in a newer site-built home subdivision I recently visited.
Common misconceptions claim that M.Hs. are temporary accommodations like those government abortions that FEMA peddles. But rentals of any mode of construction face similar challenges. Neither a site-built home nor a manufactured home will last for a long time if it is not properly maintained. Even my log cabin requires maintenance. Just think of any the site-built in a slum area with which you are familiar; or housing promoted by politicians for their perennial supporters. The derogatory criticism of manufactured homes is unsubstantiated or possibly a left-over of the old, too often dilapidated MH’s one still sees in certain trailer parks that lend truth to the neighborhood described in Toby Keith’s song Trailerhood. However, it is the choice of the individual owner/ manager to present a well maintained product to the client, whether site-built or pre-manufactured.

Life is like that

You are highlighting how people form opinions that are not always tied to reality. Or the reality changes faster than the impressions. Life is full of these. Some think Apple computers cost more yet the data is not so clear when people actually compare life for like. The Mad Men show highlights how smoking was thought of as standard office behavior. There was a time when people were expected to pay for their homes with a loan that had a 5 year term. Or loans that were fixed vs. ARMs that can adjust.

Stuff changes faster than perceptions. People also think life was better in the past or on the other side of the fence. Humans are flawed that way. Then again humans are the target market.

Loved your last sentence!