A riddle for you... - Posted by Chris (TX)

Posted by Derekb-PA on July 02, 2002 at 22:23:20:


A riddle for you… - Posted by Chris (TX)

Posted by Chris (TX) on July 02, 2002 at 22:12:18:

What is the next best thing to a “motivated seller”?

Answer: A “motivated mother-in-law”.

The young couple were stuck on their price, and were reluctant to come down even $300. The home was in good shape, a 3/2, etc. The only really bad thing is someone (the young husband/son) “thought” they were a carpenter and “fixed” the master bath floor by putting a layer of plywood on top of the floor, but left a 1-inch gap at the vanity cabinet (which you can look through and see dirt) and a gap at the doorway. So, needless to say that will have to be ripped out and the floor fixed properly, then a little clean up and it will be nice again.

House is on mother-in-law’s land and has been empty since October. She wants it gone. What a great ally she made! Making sure she was present and listening, I offered half what the kids were asking… in cash. The kids said no, the mother-in-law said “can they call you later?”

One week later they call back and have dropped their price again but it’s still too high for me, but I go look again, only this time I only meet with the mother-in-law on her lunch break, at the home, (nice lady by the way) and before I even walk inside the home she says, “they will take your original offer… I’ll see to it”. We arranged for me to call her tonight and find out how the kids took the news. She said “they agreed”.

I’ll meet with her on Friday to hand her my check :wink: