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abandoned property: - Posted by DeiDei

Posted by DeiDei on December 10, 1999 at 12:38:08:

Hi everyone,
I have a few questions regarding abandoned properties. I found a nice abandoned property that I would love to purchase/rehab/flip for a quick profit. How would I go about finding the owners and other pertinent information about the house. I know who the owners are, but I don’t know where they are. What kind of financing would I be able to get to purchase and rehab the property? Would it be eligible for FHA 203K financing? PLEASE HELP !!!

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Posted by danny on December 16, 1999 at 15:20:04:

Did you simply try sending a letter to the owner AT the abandoned property? chances are, they are having their mail forwarded.

Good Luck

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Posted by DeiDei on December 15, 1999 at 15:43:43:

I just wanted to thank everyone for answering my posts,
as you probably know I’m a newbie. Thanks for all the helpful information.

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Posted by robert on December 14, 1999 at 23:36:46:

The best place to start is call the county tax assessor’s office, ask for data entry, then tell them you have an address of an abandoned property, you want to find the owner’s name and new address.(whew) long sentence.They will tell you all the info you need. If there is no info there, go to the post office and ask for a forwarding address. Then I usually call information in that area and get their #.(if available)
Before you do all of that, Go to the book store and buy Ron Legrand’s “Fast Cash” book. I just read it and it has a wealth of information about starting out in the RE Flipping business. Hope this helps some.

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Posted by Rob FL on December 11, 1999 at 08:24:07:

As Stacy said, read the How-to-articles. Most of the pertinent info can be gathered from the tax rolls and the recording office. Also, ask the neighbors they may know where the owner has moved to.

Re: abandoned property: - Posted by Stacy (AZ)

Posted by Stacy (AZ) on December 10, 1999 at 13:17:53:

Read the article in the “how-to” section of this web-site about finding owners of abandoned properties.

The property would not be able to be financed using the 203K program, since that program is for owner-occupants only. If you can’t work-out a subject-to deal with the seller, you could look into a hard money loan. Some hard money lenders will loan rehab funds. Just make sure you buy right (low).