? about Bronchick's "Lease Option A 'Junker'" - Posted by osirus

Posted by osirus on June 18, 1999 at 14:43:49:

Mr. Bronchick

I read your How to Article titled ?Lease Option A ?Junker? and found it to be a creative technique to increase the profit of junker properties.

  1. In your article you state ?Rather than look for a tenant to pay me option money, I was looking for someone with skills to do the fix up in exchange for option consideration.? Then you write ?He paid me $650/month for six months and exercised his option to purchase at $54,000, less a “repair credit” of about $4,000.? Why did you give your end buyer a $4k ?repair credit? and not collect a option consideration in exchange for him doing the repairs?

  2. The landlord is normally responsible for making repairs in a regular landlord and tenant relationship. How can a landlord legally make a tenant responsible for repairs in a Lease/option?

  3. Does any of your courses give forms on how to set this up?