ABOUT Octitle !!! - Posted by Redd(CT)

Posted by TheMadDog on March 23, 2001 at 17:52:12:

Hi Redd,

You’re probably not going to get access to the site until you prove a working relationship with them.

In other words, there’s no free lunch anymore. So why not consider PAYING for the service if it’s been so beneficial to you these past 14 months?

Just a suggestion…good luck in your endeavours.


ABOUT Octitle !!! - Posted by Redd(CT)

Posted by Redd(CT) on March 23, 2001 at 12:13:54:

I have been using Octitle (titleadvantage) for about 14 months now. Everything was going fine until I was not able to login.

They said I do not have

**The Office you work with
**The Title Representative you work with.

So what I have been doing is making up different login names each time I need to get info…but to only get an e-mail the next day saying they can not approve my account.

I am from CT not Califonia. I am just an investor trying to information.

Can you feel me!

Has anyone had this problem…should I continue to make a different login names everytime I want to get information.

All suggestion appreciated.