AC window units in unoccupied MHs - Posted by Brenda (OH)

Posted by Tony Colella on May 30, 2007 at 07:28:08:

While it is nice to work in cooler temps, I find I just use a huge fan and open the windows (of course you may not need to sweet off some pounds like I do).

I don’t put window units in my homes. I will allow tenants or buyers to do so but not on my dime. Even Lonnie had a window unit stolen.

If you do go forward with the units I would only use one and secure it as best you can. Adding multiple window units often creates problems in trailers, even homes with 200 amp service because the window outlets are often on the same circuit. I have had a number of tenants call because they keep losing power. We show up and they have 3 window units on the same ciruit.

If you are flipping these or lonnie dealing them then I would forgo the window units myself. Remember, it is what the tenants or buyers are willing to live with, not what our living standards are. (I can’t even sleep in a house without central a/c).

AC window units in unoccupied MHs - Posted by Brenda (OH)

Posted by Brenda (OH) on May 30, 2007 at 06:38:22:

Hi All,

well, Ohio got hot in record time this summer, and I have two MHs to work on that need window AC units.

My concern is, if or how or should I put in window AC units in vacant units? Has any one had window units stolen during rehabbing the MH? Is there any way to attach AC units to the window or wall to make that less likely? (Ex: should I not put a unit in a window that a person could stand on the porch to reach it?)

would it work to get several very small units, and only stick them in the windows when I am working inside or when I am showing the MH?

This is a decent park, but I think it is realistic to expect that someone in the park might feel desperate when the temps stop cooling down at night, as they will here in the next few weeks. I do not want to set up my MHs as soft targets if I can avoid it.

I know the best answer is get these suckers done and sold, then I won’t have security issues. working on it!


Re: AC window units in unoccupied MHs - Posted by land-o

Posted by land-o on June 02, 2007 at 06:23:07:

I always remove all air conditioners, and swamp coolers, SO I have a
nice pile of them, I find if you supply them a cooler then they complain
if it doesn’t work, but if you tell them to get their own it helps them
have more “skin” in the unit plus it cost them instead of me! ( a
definite plus)

as a side note, I plug the swamp cooler hole in the roof, and insist on
window units only. (I don’t want them up there working on the coolers,
and leaking into the houses)

I was rebuilding a 14X70 last year, and anticipation of the hot weather
coming I put a new pump in my raggy looking swamp cooler that I
have a window stand for, a week later it got hot, and I was going to
hook it up, but someone reached in there and stole the pump motor!

Re: AC window units in unoccupied MHs - Posted by Ellen Brenn

Posted by Ellen Brenn on May 30, 2007 at 11:35:33:


Having lived most of my life in the northeast with NO air conditioning, I think it unnecessary to put any type in a home. Let the buyers to it if they need one!

That said, we have had a window air stolen from a MH in Florida. The person we bought the home from had it in her window. The funny thing is, this home had a central unit as well!

We have found that many people THINK using multiple window units is cheaper than using the central unit, but that is not really true. We also see many never do maintenance on their central unit, have it not work, and then go spend money on multiple window units! Where we are living it would be very uncomfortable NOT to have air conditioning, but it is not a necessity of life in the north.

Re: AC window units in unoccupied MHs - Posted by Sailor

Posted by Sailor on May 30, 2007 at 10:16:35:

I agree w/Tony on using fans. Putting a couple in exactly the
right places where you are working is going to cool you better
than trying to bring down the ambient temp.

When I was a kid we’d put a bowl of ice water in front of the fan.
There are small fans especially for work sites (Lowe’s), that blow
in a concentrated area. I gave one to my HM for Christmas (plus
$$$, of course).

If all else fails, a wet t-shirt works great (ah, the power of
evaporation), & I like a wet terrycloth tennis hat, too. The t-shirt
recommendation is only for solo work days; somehow the cooling
effect only holds for the wearer.

Whatever you wear outside, make it white in the summer, as it
reflects heat instead of absorbing it (which is why I drive a white

I know you are a hard worker Brenda, but that means you have to
exercise caution in extreme heat. Drink lots of water, & make
sure your salt intake is sufficient. Start very early in the cooler
hours & quit early or take a very long break during the afternoon
heat. The custom of siestas, during which businesses shut down
for several hours, is a very functional one. It’s light later now, so
you can get in another coupla hours in the evening if necessary.

BTW I found liter bottles of water @ Big Lot’s for 50 cents.


Buy cheap - Posted by Keith (OH)

Posted by Keith (OH) on May 30, 2007 at 09:13:55:


Buy the cheapest AC you can find. Even if it is used for $25. I wouldn’t go through the extra hassle of bolting the thing in, if the thieves want it they will get it, you just creating more damage for yourself to repair when they rip the thing out of there.

Just be a little proactive with vacants. Keep the windows covered and every time you go over there leave a different set of lights on all night. Just make the place look lived in. Take a portable TV and leave it on all night. A few little things go along way. And if those don’t work you are still only out a couple of bucks for the AC if you buy cheap enough.