accounting - Posted by philip levine

Posted by GG(Ga) on July 14, 2003 at 11:40:26:

It’s great for any small business (some large ones also). I’ve been using it for years, not just for real estate, but for other businesses as well. I worked for a construction company that used it and also set up a plumbing company and a real estate appraiser with it. My real estate agent has also said she was thinking about getting me to set her up with it.
You can set it up to print everything out for your taxes (may need to work with an accountant for this). It’s easy to print information for lenders. You can track costs to each property, print statements, etc. I’ve set mine up where the customer is the tenant and the job is the lot # (mobile home park).
You can even set it up so your accountant can “fix” things in it.
I consider it a ‘monkey’ program. If a chimp could read they should be able to use it. VERY EASY, USER FREINDLY!

Good Luck

accounting - Posted by philip levine

Posted by philip levine on July 09, 2003 at 15:43:09:

What is the best AND easiest program for accounting on rental property? We have 15 and are getting more and do most by hand… HELP!!