"ADDENDUM" - Posted by Jay

Posted by JPiper on January 23, 2000 at 11:17:08:

I use an addendum…but I change the addendum depending on the deal.

However, one clause I have in my addendum has to do with a contingency. The contingency I use is an inspection contingency (if I use it).

If I were wholesaling I would want a clause that permitted my entry to inspect, and to show possible tenants and/or buyers.

Another clause is one which limits my liability under the contract to the earnest money.

Those are just a couple of ideas. You might try buying a course, looking at the contracts, and perhaps including some of those clauses in your addendum…but not all…or you’ll scare everyone.


“ADDENDUM” - Posted by Jay

Posted by Jay on January 22, 2000 at 20:57:14:

I was hopeing some one would tell me what i mite need in my addendum, i will be useing a standard realtors real estate contract for wholesale/flip and i was wondering if there are any clauses, i should add that will help, or any kind of guide lines. i know it depends on maybe a deal per deal bases. but i heard how some investors just have their own addendums they use.
Thanks and have a Great Day!