Addresses for Rural Properties - Posted by Karen (NY)

Posted by windan (NY) on January 08, 1999 at 16:59:04:

Your area sounds similar to mine!!

I invest in Northern Ulster County, NY.

In rural areas searches are best conducted using the
tax maps, which are on file in the county office building. Make copies of the maps for promising properties and write down the names of adjoining property owners on the map copy. It makes it much easier to find the actual property. In my county there are copies of the tax rolls located right with the maps, so cross referencing is easy.

I also just purchased a CD rom which has all the tax info and maps for Ulster County. It is VERY handy for doing mailings and searches right from home!!! They also publish discs for Orange and Sullivan County. (their name is Visual Information Systems) Good Luck!


Addresses for Rural Properties - Posted by Karen (NY)

Posted by Karen (NY) on January 08, 1999 at 15:45:58:

Hi all-

I live in an extremely rural area. It is a very depressed area as well and filled with abandoned properties (from pretty decent to falling into the ground). Over half the “occupied” homes are actually owned by people from nearby metropolitan areas (mostly NYC) who use them as weekend, ski, hunting, and/or summer houses.

I spent a morning this week at the County Tax Office trying to find addresses of out-of-state owners of some abandoned properties.

Here’s my big problem. We have no real addresses out here. Since we have no 911 service yet, we don’t have standardized addressing. (And it won’t come until next year some time.) Very few of us even have mail delivery, unless we live on a route that’s been hired out to a private carrier. (Luckily, I do). Many people aren’t on town-maintained roads, so they have named their roads themselves.

Anyway, the records at the county read like this…
Route 30, Anytown, NY (only about 4 miles of property fit this description)
Private Rd, Anytown, NY (tons of these)
hc2 #44, Anytown, NY (a box on a private mail carrier route, probably the easiest to find)

I can’t believe that they can keep records like this and collect taxes accurately, but it seems to work.

I could just throw out a big net and send postcards to all out-of-area owners, but I would waste an awful lot on people who maintain part-time residences here.

Any research gurus out there with an idea for me?