Advertising - Posted by Eric(IL)

Posted by Kevin on February 17, 2002 at 18:18:41:

If you have pruchased Lonnie’s book then you should already know how to research your marketable area. New papers, 4-sale signs & just pain old conversations with anyone who is selling are just A few ways. I don’t know why you responded to me via my personal E-mail addy, but I’d appreciate it if you’d place your responces on this chat board here. Reason being, the folks here may also have some other input on your question(s). I’d only except personal E-mails if you were in my area for some investing (central Florida), AND YOUR NOT. Re-read the books that Lonnie has out (I am) & be “creative” in your thoughts (I shall & will). Contact us here for any other related material &/or Q/A that you may have>On this chat board. Thankyou & good evening. Fl. Kevin

Advertising - Posted by Eric(IL)

Posted by Eric(IL) on February 15, 2002 at 22:44:04:

I put ads in our local classified paper which came out Monday. “Will finance 14x70 xx xx xx …” and “We b,s&f u MH xxx-xxx-xxxx”

So far I have only had one callform a guy selling several months from now trying to find out a good asking price.

What other advertising have you found draws or good places to put a flyer ect.

I was kind of surprised not to receive any calls but I have seen several MH for sale for a month or so in the same paper.

Any great marketing strategies are welcome.

Re: Advertising - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Kevin on February 16, 2002 at 14:02:41:

I’m just getting started in the buisness. I’m very cautious on how I’m doing this here. Learning from the experts in this field I would say that 1st. of all you should research the market in your area to see what the average prices are amoung other things. Kevin