Advise on SELLING! - Posted by Alice

Posted by Cindy Devine on July 28, 2003 at 15:42:47:

Hi Alice,

Do you have any real estate investor groups in your area? You can go to Look to the left, I think there is a link for investor groups. They are great people to work with. They can give you help on selling, advertising and probably one of them will want to buy it and save you alot of time and trouble.

Hope this info helps and good luck!

Cindy Devine
Devine Properties
Anderson, SC

Advise on SELLING! - Posted by Alice

Posted by Alice on July 28, 2003 at 24:29:38:


I really need some advice. A relative of mine is having to move needs to sell her mobile home as quickly as she can. I have volunteered to help her out and haven’t a clue where to start! I know that it is a Fleetwood, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, kitchen, etc. It’s not a double wide, but it isn’t a single either. It’s in good condition and less than 5 years old. As you can tell I don’t know much about mobile homes (I am sure I will find out a lot!) I believe her payoff is around $27,000. She doesn’t own the land and is renting a lot in a park. She is very set that she doesn’t want to rent it. Where should we start? Contracts, selling, financing, finding a buyer??? Is it even realistic to think she can get the payoff amount?? Any advice that anyone could give would be a HUGE HELP!