Ag. Lease/Sublease termination ???? - Posted by KC Ratliff

Posted by Michele Boesche on July 15, 2006 at 11:21:03:

I was recently living with my boyfriend who smokes crack cocaine. After coming to my senses I realized this was not good and decided to end the relationship. He is the lease holder of the house we shared for the past 5 months. He sent me an eviction letter from his office that was notorized by his secretary. The letter was dated June 20, 2006. He said I have until July 20, 2006 to vacate the premises. This was not filed by the district court of Maryland. In his notice he claims that if I do not vacate then the distict court will vacate me. Doesn’t he have to file with the court system to evict me or is his letter of eviction enough?

Ag. Lease/Sublease termination ??? - Posted by KC Ratliff

Posted by KC Ratliff on March 20, 2006 at 21:02:01:

I am in the process of buying a piece of property in Texas. The problem I am
facing is that the Seller has already entered into an agriculture lease
agreement for the year. I am wanting to buy the land for this purpose on my
own and the current lease would make the land usless to me. Is there
anything that says or any legal way for me to ask in the contract for the
current lease to terminate at closing? This does not seem unreasonable and I
am sure that this is a common occurance. Am I right?

Re: Ag. Lease/Sublease termination ??? - Posted by dealmaker

Posted by dealmaker on March 21, 2006 at 06:41:44:

I’m not an attorney, but I’ve never seen a lease that did not run with the PROPERTY. I’m not sure why you think the lease makes the land useless to you,since that is the purpose for which you’re buying the ppty. As the owner the lease payments will go to you. Of course if you think it’s leased below market that changes the value of the land.

What does your attorney say? I’d hope you’re not going into a deal unadvised by an attorney.


Re: Ag. Lease/Sublease termination ??? - Posted by KC Ratliff

Posted by KC Ratliff on March 21, 2006 at 08:01:33:

I am buying the land to ranch and farm myself. I do not want to lease it out. If it is leased out, even if the lease rolls over to me, I will not be able to work my own land. Do you see what I mean? My attorney is looking at the paperwork now. I am just trying to get as much information as I can on my own.

Re: Ag. Lease/Sublease termination ??? - Posted by John

Posted by John on March 23, 2006 at 20:52:18:

You could ask the seller to buy the leaseback before closing. You could do this also after closing but if the tennant refues you better hope he misses some rent payments so you can evict. Review the lease carefully, also look for an automatic renewal clause.
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