Agent disclosure on contracts?? - Posted by Cheyenne

Posted by Brent_IL on July 02, 2003 at 10:58:51:

The Articles of Organization is in the public record. Some things are worth fighting about, some things less so. While I would never give out a copy of the Operating Agreement to anyone but a Member, I don’t see any harm in giving your broker a copy of the Articles of Organization. He may just want something to stick in the file.

I don’t think the actual wording of your disclosure is as important as your intent to fully disclose.

Agent disclosure on contracts?? - Posted by Cheyenne

Posted by Cheyenne on July 02, 2003 at 24:35:53:

We invest in properties and have our own LLC. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent and a memeber of our LLC. When we buy properties thru the MLS like an REO, I either put “Buyers agent is related to Buyer” or “buyers agent has a beneficial interest in the buyers company”.

We have 3 different Brokers in our office and none of them can agree on what I should be writing in my contracts. If any one can give me any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Also, just recently, my RE office requested a copy of our articles of Incorp for the LLC. They are making it one of my file requirements BEFORE they will release my commission check. I do not think this is necessary, and, it’s none of their business. They do not require a copy of anybody elses Articles of Incorp. when a Company or Corp buys a house using their Realtors/Brokerage, why should they require me to furnish our Articles???

So, if someone could please make some suggestions, about the disclosure issue. I will then discuss any suggestions with my Brokers and see if any of them can agree on something.