All inclusive Rentals to Special Needs Individuals or Gov't programs


I am trying to maximize my rental income for some of my single family homes. Does anyone know of any gov’t paid rental programs (not Section 8) where I can provide all inclusive rentals to special needs individuals (hearing impaired, blind, etc) or vets and rent these single family homes by the room to these individuals.

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better check your local ordinances also. most cities limit how many people can occupy a house


Rooming Houses

What you plan to do falls under rooming house regulations in most jurisdictions. In addition, it may even involve zoning variances.

But the main problem may have to do with nosy neighbors. I have a SFH that I rent out in a small suburb. Down the street is another rental where it was rented out to a family. But the landlord also rented out rooms separately to two unrelated people in the house to generate more income.

Generally, neighbors don’t know and don’t care unless your tenants have so many cars that they park in front of other peoples homes. My tenant was annoyed that there were cars parked in front of my rental from people down the street.

Well, people talked and he found out about these unrelated renters. Of course, they told him it’s perfectly legal to park there because its a public street. He then told them he knows about these unrelated people, violates local codes, he doesn’t care about it, except if they park in front of his house. If they do, he’ll rat them out to the town.

Through the years, I ran into many motivated sellers who ran afoul of rooming house regulations. One seller even resorted to reporting an illegal rooming house he owned because his obstinate tenants refused to leave, and he had to sell as he needed the money.