All the money you ever need! - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Dave Holls on July 15, 2002 at 24:41:59:

LOL. My goodness. Boy was I in for a surprise when I happened to just pop in and check out the board tonight. I think you have enough energy for the entire board. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great, but reading your posts it seems like your only arguing with yourself. The responses you have gotten were not that bad - believe me, I have been visiting this site for years.

Now, I don’t know you. I can only take you at your word. But I do have a few comments to make, some suggestions, and a lot of questions.

To start I will tell you just a little about myself. I have been visintg this site, on and off, for I believe about 5 years. I have only been really participating for the last 1 1/2 years. I am a Realtor. I got my license when I was 19. I have been a Realtor for 5 years now. Making your own business is tough. During that time, I have dedicated myself to learning everything I could about my industry. Taking the classes, reading the books, sorting the truth and facts from the myth and lies. But even as I was doing that I still needed money. So I worked other jobs - usually overnight jobs that didn’t conflict with my business (delivering papers, security, wharehouse, cleaning, etc.) I still needed to eat and pay my bills. To make a long story short - I have begun to make the turn as far as my Realtor profession is concerned.

During this same time I have begun my own second business investing in real estate. Being in the industry, I realize the unboundless potential of being involved, rather than just assisting others. So along with everything else, I have worked on this seperate business and have also begun to make the turn.

As far as goals, I am with you man. Let me tell, I have no problem believing your goals, because mine are ten times as high. I have goals that I can’t tell anyone about because of their sheer unbelievability. I have about 10 different business that I plan to open in my area. All of them are completely viable, will be succesful, have a demand and no competition. I have revelutionary plans for my Realtor business, along with my Broker to quadrupal our production in one year. I have unbelievable plans for investing in the local real estate market and tying them in with my other business - and I’m talking about billion dollar complete projects. Can all of these things be done? YES. Can I actually do them? YES. Will I do them? OH YES!

What’s stopping me. Nothing, but I realize I have to do 1 thing at a time. Or at the very least do things in the proper order. Like I said I am already planning for billion dollar business plans - but I know that they will come out of million dollar plans - which will come from hundred thousand dollar plans - which will come from thousand dollar plans. Now you can, as I am planning on doing, do multiple plans at once to get there faster - but you still must do things in order.

To date I have completed Zero real estate investments. The first one that I am close to wrapping up is a 30+ unit apartment building at over $500,000. Yes, my first! So believe me, I understand you talking about not just starting out small because that’s what everyone does. In fact I have talked with Ed Garcia about this deal (By the way Ed, if you read this I will be contacting you extremely soon). You may ask him if you like. You talk about creative ideas, I talked with Ed about an idea he had never used before and he’s been doing this for as long as I’ve been alive. So believe me when I say I DO know where you are coming from.

But, but, but, but, but…everything must happen in order. Now, that order can, and usually is, different for everybody. So nowbodys way is the only way. But there are some constants. You have to eat and maintain your life. And you have to be able to supplement you business with income to make it grow. Now if you only took scrap jobs to earn just enough - fine. But you will need something.

Now, lets talk about your post. If you are willing, I would love to hear about your plans, ideas, thoughts, whatever. I certainly won’t shoot anything down. And in case you’re worried, I am in the Metro Detroit area - not in you area :slight_smile:

First, I can tell that reading these books and listening to these speakers has got your head in the clouds. TRUST ME…I have heard them all. They all speak to the Realtor industry, and there are even some who ONLY speak to the Realtor industry. I know how they operate and how they get there connection with the audience. I know you won’t believe it, but you have your blinders on and are going 100 MPH in circles! That is the plain truth. It is entirely clear from your posts. Now bear with me, I am not trying to put you down, but I have to be honest with you.

I mean I want to talk about some of the things you posted by you fly through about 20 different business and they all run together, and you are saying some incredible things. I don’t even know where to begin. Lets start here - you say you are willing to lose everything you have, including the roof over your head to achieve your goals. This is obviously the work of motivational speakers. You may think you have found the light in your life, but listen to that statement. You know, sometimes the roof over your head IS what you need to achieve your goals. But you are just willing to throw it away. You don’t know what you may need, you haven’t even started yet. Motivational speakers operate the way they do to motivate you. Yes they say if you’re not happy with your life just change it. They are motivating you to change. If they said, well don’t watch as much TV, would that motivate anyone - no. They have to be over the top to capture your imagination and make you think you can change. But boy, you sure took every word they said and ran with it. You don’t have to be destitute to be succesful.

Think of it this way, how long could you go on like this. Don’t you think it would be a problem if you went in to present a business proposal and your pants are torn, your shoes have holes and your shirt is filthy - and you can’t fix any of those problems because you have $0.00. Who in their right mind would even listen to you. You must remember, and believe me I hate this myself, but until you are in a position to have something other people want (money, succesful business, track record, etc.) you are at the mercy of others. You must play by their rules. Now there are ways to make them think you are playing by their rules, but really be serving your own ends. But that doesn’t mean you can shun the world and still make it.

Now, here is something I don’t understand. You say you have no money and done no deals. But in this post you say in your first 4 days you turned 80k in PROFITS. What is this you’re talking about. Then you go on to say, you just let it fall apart so you could concentrate on getting funding. Now seriously, I hope you left something out of this sentence, like a few paragrpahs, because this sentance alone temptes me to disbelieve everything you have written.

Towards the end you say you had a way to make you auto shop an extra 15 million in profits a year, but they wouldn’t listen to you. Again, I hope you left a lot out. First of all what kind of “auto shop” makes millions in PROFITS to begin with. If hope this is some incredibly niche, high end auto shop. And how could they be operating in such a way as to be missing out on millions more. This is frankly unbelievable, and especially if all else is true, that they wouldn’t listen to you. I WANT to believe you, but there just has to be more info.

There is so much more I would love to talk about. There is just so much I can’t even comment on it all. It is getting late here, so I have to get going. I may not have been as accurate or explained myself the best, so please don’t jump to any conclusions. I have been rushing trying to get this out. If you would like a better explanation on anything just ask. Again, I AM NOT TRYING TO STOP YOU, OR PUT YOU DOWN, OR CHANGE YOU!!! But come on, you need to tone down just a bit and see the forest for the trees. I’m sure you will respond, and I look forward to talking with you. Maybe tommorrow I can continue and better express my thoughts. Keep on working towards your goals.

All the money you ever need! - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 14, 2002 at 03:21:54:

Well that would be nice, but I haven’t been able to locate it.
3 months ago I quit my job after reading Anthony Robbins book “Awakening the Giant Within” which I recommend reading because it changed my whole life for the good. Basically he put it that if there is anything in your life that you are unhappy with STOP… don’t wait till next week…don’t wait till you are ready…do it now! We create our own futures and by making a decision to do something and intially putting yourself in the uncomfort zone creates a sense of urgency which in turn creates action which creates SUCCESS! Well even though I was living paycheck to paycheck I did it anyway.
I spent everyday for 2 months studying and working sometimes up to 14+ hours a day on my company. I still
haven’t made a penny, but that is my fault because I spent most of my time trying to get venture capital funding…mortgage funding…hard money loan… etc.
so far I haven’t been able to get any of it.
But I am still happy were I am at because I know that with all that time that I spent studying and writing proposals etc. gave me time to learn every aspect of real estate, and I initially have become what I feel to believe one of Southern California’s most knowledgeable real estate investor—yet I have nothing to back that on because I have yet to get that break. While trying to get funding I had to be creative which in turn became a very powerful tool to have, because I started establishing techniques which were way more powerful than anything I had read or learned.
I currently have probably just enough money to get me around in my car for about a week… I am 21 years old and decided to put my foot down and take my place on this world and I am not going to let anyone stop me and I will not let anything get in my way. I have a credit score of 480 I had horribly hurt my credit when I quit and started letting my payments go late. I have tried getting a partner for the purpose of getting a co-sign but because I am 21 my friends don’t have any credit— my parents filed bankruptcy a few years ago so they were out. None of the rest of my family had any credit… I tried talking to about 30 lenders 20 hard money etc. SBA was no help.
My family are all low income which made it impossible to get just enough money to survive on, but this is my reason for my strong conviction that I will never in my life have to worry about it again. I refuse to go back to work because of the powerful information I possess and I know that there is something out there and I am going to keep trying without ever giving up!!
I currently was able to scrounge a good $20.00 so that I could run an ad in my local newspaper, which I didn’t leave my phone number on but instead I left my internet site
That way I insure that I am recieving calls only from families that are aware of my services, and I am not wasting my time trying to explain the program over the phone. My number is on the site and I knew that was the only way that they could get my phone number. It goes out next wednesday and I am just hoping that I get that call!
I am starting with sub lease options tell me what you think of my ad for seller’s

" Don’t pay a realtor to sell your home, when we do it for FREE!“
I thought it was unique and original with a lot of thought. I already have tenant buyers who want homes and are ready to move in a couple of months. I am just hoping that I get a homeowner to call me, so I can get some money so I don’t have to worry about my phone shutting off or my site shutting down.
Basically what it boils down to is there any way that anyone knows that I can get quick funds, with very little if any money. Once again it is not a knowledge question it is not an ability question—I am confident that I am going to be very successful---- It’s a question if I can afford those simple little things that it takes to get this all under way—like gas in my car---- Your responses will be appreciated and please don’t write me about how I messed up in your opinion or try to give me any lecture because I am happy about the road I took and it has been and will be the best decision I have made in my life.
” Success is out there but it is competitive, life is not going to give up it’s successes easy!"
Thank you sorry it was a little drawn out :frowning:
Shawn S. Knowles
Tri Financial Real Estate
I have many companies that have investors that would fund me 1+ million dollars for an equity partnership in my company, but because of the S.E.C. I am being told that I require 5k to show my commitment, but most of them started off at 15k. Tri Star Diversified Ventures is the most recent out of Newport beach California which is close to where I live. They wanted me to go to newport on july 17, but I can’t because of the 5k.
I already passed up which I only had to come up with $1,800 for my flight to South Carolina and other misc. expenses… when I was sent my original contract they wanted $18,000.00, but I was able to convince them of my ability and they were willing to work on a success basis.

Re: All the money you ever need! - Posted by Shambhu Nath

Posted by Shambhu Nath on July 14, 2002 at 18:26:07:

I have taken a $ 5k course to learn about zero down real estate investing and did first deal with $ 7K and another $ 14K with my own credit. The course are right but the probability of finding a seller to your terms is low and you are better off having all the options in your hand including your own credit and money.
Most people start with part time real estate and later jump full time. The best route for you may be to find a part time job till your make the first deal.
The other option is to find a really good deal and then have an investor invest the money and share equity with him. If you find a good deal with 40% return, someone might partner for equity as he or she will get 20% return. By the way, I also read Tony Robin and Robert Kiyosiki. They make money by selling their books too.


Re: All the money you ever need! - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on July 14, 2002 at 13:21:29:


Cal Balto, gave you some sound advice. There was no doubt that his post demonstrated that, he’s been there, done that.

I’m going to be a little stronger with my suggestions because I feel that you need some one to tell you how the rabbit ate the cabbage.

First I’d like to compliment you on your attitude and determination. However that will fade in time and you will begin to lose your confidence if you don’t get results. Although I agree that the street is the best teacher, and you are overwhelmed with yourself and at 21, feel that you are one of the most knowledgeable real-estate investors in So Cal, using your words.

Shawn, as time goes by you will realize that what you know now is just the tip of the ice burg, and will laugh at your own statement.

For starters I want to tell you that even though you’re learning about real-estate, you’re spending your time doing the wrong things. Although you feel overwhelmed with yourself and that this knowledge has given you new power. You remind me of the story about the atheist that died. At his funeral there were a few of his friends viewing him in his coffin, when one of them said, look at him. All dressed up and no place to go.

That story reminds me of you. Who cares what you know. This world is composed of, what have you done for me lately. You remind me of a fisherman who always talks about the size of the one that got away. Who cares about the one that got a way, show me the one that you caught. Oh and by the way, you’re not considered a fisherman until you caught a fish. Right now you’re nothing more than a Real-estate investor want-a-be.

As of today, you no longer have a MONEY problem to finance your deals. You don’t need to spend your time raising money, or finding partners. I may even partner with you if I like the deal. My concern is that you have already given the definition of Hard Money in another post, so you know that credit is not an issue, and yet you still have not done a deal. If you have a deal that is a real deal, I will help you do it.

You talk about your ad and not giving your phone number but referring them to your web site for the serious buyer, so that you don’t have to waste your time. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You don’t sell or buy real-estate over the phone or website, they are just a marketing tool or source for leads. You have to use your knowledge and wit to turn that lead into a deal, and you, who have been doing nothing but spinning your wheels, feel that to talk to some one on the phone, is a waste of time. For more years than you are old I have taught my reps how valuable the phone is as a sales tool, and techniques on how to qualify the individual and turn a phone pop into a deal.

Shawn, you have much to learn, and the first thing you must learn is how to survive. You’ve got the right idea, the right attitude, and are showing the tenacity or determination to see this thing through. But what you don’t have is the experience; the instincts or the ability to know what steps must be taken first.

My number is (909) 944-0199 and if you choose to call me I will advise you and help you as far as real-estate investing. I’m not going to be your sponsor and feed you or pay your bills because we’re back to the fisherman story.

You give a man a fish, you’ve feed him for a day, you teach a man to fish, and you’ve feed him for a lifetime.

Lets go fishing,

Ed Garcia

Re: All the money you ever need! - Posted by Gary

Posted by Gary on July 14, 2002 at 12:30:25:

I appreciate tour enthusiasm. But, my wife and I both work two jobs and some parts of the year she works three. We have purchased five properties and are working on a sixth. Small beans compared to most on this post but none the less. All I am saying is, You have to walk before you run. Get a job, save some money and build your credit. It can still work for you if you do it right.
Good Luck,

I don’t think Tony meant that… - Posted by Scott Ewing S.W. Mich

Posted by Scott Ewing S.W. Mich on July 14, 2002 at 10:59:33:

Real estate investing is not something you become sucessful in overnight, no matter how much time you have to put into it. You can and you will esp. if you keep your good attitude, but in the meantime you have to eat. Have you also read Robert Kiosaki? Even though he quit his job and was living in his car, etc. he and his wife would take the occasional job to get by. Ruining your credit will stay with you for 7 years, 10 if you have to go bankrupt. Everybody hates their job. That is a given. Be motivated, but also be prudent in your decisions. Also be careful about representing yourself as someone who will “sell homes” not licensed. If it is found that you are getting compensation, there could be trouble down the road. Let me know how things go, I would be interested in hearing your experiences. Good luck, Scott

I know you didn’t want this response but… - Posted by Cal, Balto

Posted by Cal, Balto on July 14, 2002 at 10:52:53:

No one wants to lend you money because you have shown no financial responsibility. You are young and obviously full of energy but you are still a virgin to real estate investing. You have not even turned one deal! Re-think your position and goals! There is nothing wrong with having a job while you get started. As a matter of fact it will help you get where you want to be about 10x faster. In real estate you need money to make money, your money or someone elses it doesn’t matter. And to get that money you have to show financial responsibility or solvency. I am talking to you from experience I followed the same path your taking. Quit my job at 21, started my own company to invest in real estate, let my credit go to sht, and looked up and down and all around for money. My father was a large general contractor and my mother worked for a large property management company so I already had great knowledge and great resources for the knowledge that I did not have. Even with those resources I took several hits along the way. Some projects just do not work out the way they are planned.
I have been in real estate investing for over 12 years and about 4 of those years were probably the worst of my life. Dealing with attorney’s, creditors, bad tenants, court dates, etc… and I can tell you if you don’t change your thinking your going to get all these things too. I learn something new everyday (atleast I try)so your claim to be the most knowledgable investor in Cali tells me you have a lot to learn. Real Estate is a very sophisticated investment it is not just about cash flow or buying low and selling high, it’s about IRR, Cap Rates, BTCF’s, ATCF’s and other internal numbers that give investors what they are looking for. Some investments are even bought with the purpose of losing money. Do you have an idea of square foot construction costs in your area. I’m not trying to be a di
k. I like your attitude and I have no doubt if you stay true to your course you will one day meet your goals but you are definetly taking the hardest route. I didn’t understand the part about other companies wanting to buy an equity in your business. Is your business worth anything. Assets, clients, etc… And if they are buying a position in your company why do you have to pay them $18,000 or any money. They should be paying you. Right? Be very wary of programs that ask you for money to borrow money.

In a nut shell-
Real estate investing is much easier and much more lucrative when you have a good job (it can be as a real estate investor, you just need income from your investments), good credit, a good plan and you do not borrow money on foolish terms. Lenders that lend to people in your situation usually end up making 5 times as much as you did on the deal and you did all the work. Be smart and start slow.

Good Luck and Happy Investing


hobby? - Posted by Donald

Posted by Donald on July 14, 2002 at 06:52:24:


Is this a business or a hobby?
Unless you can get some income (and I mean quick) you will have to get a job.
Do you rent or own your home?
You should not have quit your job.
my 2 cents

Here’s your answer guys your all wrong - Posted by Shawn Knowles

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 14, 2002 at 21:27:26:

Posted by Shawn Knowles on July 14, 2002 at 17:54:54:

Ed first of all I would like to thank you for taking your time to reply to my message with so much thought, I really do appreciate it!

Ed, in response to your message and all the messages I have been getting I feel that I need to open eveyones mind a little bit and shed some light. You wrote me:

"Cal Balto, gave you some sound advice. There was no doubt that his post demonstrated that, he’s been there, done that."
As I appreciate Cal’s response, but I disagree I don’t think it was sound advice. The people of this nation are so quick to assume and are held back by their own limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs that are developed through life from ones own trial and error, because he failed it holds no water with me, is he the best there is? NO. You guys are so quick to judge and you assume what you see on paper without giving it any thought that it might be possible.
No offense, but it is because that is the response that I get from everybody that has led to my determination to complete the following goals in my life.

  1. Create California’s largest real estate investment firm using niche investment strategies
  2. By 2006 I will create a success course in which I will show people how to rid themselves of limiting beliefs and show the nation the awesome power of creativity and certainty.
  3. By the time I am 30 I will have developed a grant program for young entrepeneurs who have the passion and drive, but are turned down from virtually every source available. I will offer them a way and a means to achieve their success.
    I am willing to lose everything I personally own and have including the roof over my head to fulfill my goals. I am not worried about the money I know it is coming were I don’t know, but I will continue my creative search until I get it. In my search for funding I had to be really creative which in turn has proven to be very beneficial, I have developed some awesome investment strategies which I am not even willing to share. (Ed I will make you an exception, personally write me and give me your email address and I will provide you with some information which might blow you away, everything I have attested too and a lot more than you would probably believe)
    In attempts to save my fingers I am going to cut and paste below here a letter to which I had sent to a few venture capital companies which will clear up and prove wrong a lot of things to which you guys pre-judged me on. And by the way Cal the dollar per square foot here runs from $115-$125 I have an agent I work with that pulls all of my comparable market analysis, and I run a few of my own. I began start up on April 13 2002 in which in four days I had structured 80k plus in profits ----- long story but I had gotten a call from C.J. at promising me $250,000 in 72 hours----- well anyways I decided to let the deals fall through and work straight on my funding---- I know it’s hard to believe, but I will provide proof if you would like. The first house I called on was 40k under market value which I had structured with seller financing—but I don’t like talking about it because it’s a little hard to believe especially when you assumed who I was just off of my last letter.
    I have knowledge in:
    wholesaling, quick flipping, rehabbing, bird dogging, sub lease options, lease options, sandwich lease option, financing, seller financing, foreclosure/REO, notes, judgements, adverse possession, exchanging, partners, wrap around, balloon, hard money, venture capital, hedge funds, seller lease back, multi family residence, whole sale lease purchase assignment, Intermediaries,cooperative assignment, SBA, subject to, hybrid sub-lease option. And you can mix a lot of them up to make really big profits. I have been taught by Bruce Norris, Claude Diamond, Peter Conti etc. I found a personal mentor out of Florida which was an 11 year veteran of lease option. I have combined all the experience of these men and put them all together and pulled the best practices out of each. I admit I need to learn the smaller details which I will obtain from experience. I have a proposal going to AHA housing out of San Diego which has 75 million AAA credit which does lease options, but they are working with buyers agent. I am going to propose to them working with investors, in which I set up the tenant/buyer and the home which I get on a pure option contract then I set the two together and sell the assignment of pure option to AHA housing for a flat rate of 10k per.
    Anyways here’s that letter I was talking about:

I am who I am
know me before
you judge me.

This comes out of frustration of working with a world focused on their own limiting beliefs, that they deny what is real. You doubt yourself and your capabilities to the point where you hinder others!!! I would highly doubt you know what I am talking about. I’m not gonna bother explaining if you don’t know.

There is one thing that I am certain in life, and that is my success! I know I am going to be a very powerful force in this nation, why… because I have made a decision I don’t turn around I don’t back track, I don’t care how I get there all that matters is that I get there and am able to show the people of this world the awesome power of determination. You can read this and laugh and take it all as a bunch of hype—but you know what you are a fool who has a lesson to learn! Deny me I shake it off as it was none existent it pushes me harder. I have been denied 100’s of times in two months it did not slow me and it did not phase me. What has brought me to this point of frustration is your knowledge as to what can be achieved, your pre determined standards that create success is pitiful. I will give you an example in a couple of paragraphs.

Does being 21 yrs. of age have anything to do with my ability? Does the fact that I have brought my company from conception to start-up in less than two months a worry? Does the fact that I have never bought a house or never even cared about real estate previously before these past two months prove that I won’t be successful? Do you realize that because someone has money they can pay someone to write a proposal or a business plan that is perfect for you, and you accept it??? I don’t have money, I don’t have the luxury of sliding by easy.I have to work and spent countless hours to gain the things I have achieved in my company. I have been my own marketer, I had to learn how to be a webmaster. I had to learn how to be the best investor from the best investors. I had to scrounge wood from a construction site to make my for sale signs. I had to learn how to write proposals my original one 2 or 3 months ago was about 2 sentences long! I had to learn how to be a writerr, I had to learn what venture capital was, I had to learn equity and debt, I had to train my mind to think like a millionaire, I had to invest in myself through countless numbers of books and tape courses to learn what is required to be successful, I have obtained the knowledge that is required to be successful, I have to be flexible in the way I get there so that I can get there, I had to become a computer technician to fix my computer after it crashed spending countless hours a day trying to recover… only to lose all the information I had, I had to recover all the information that I had written, I had to run my business while I spent so much of my time attempting to get funded! just so my business does not miss it’s goals!! I have to do this from my small room, where I set at my desk and can touch my bed and my entertainment center at the same time, I have written and re written my proposals 100’s of times to try to find the right words to say that would change people’s opinion. I had to contemplate hours trying to figure how to make people understand. I had to lose countless hours of sleep to mantain my course of progress, I have denied going to work for someone else and initially putting myself in the uncomfort zone so that I can achieve success, I have stayed in contact with lot’s of lenders, brokers, mortgage lenders anybody who had the ability to create my success. And I loved it all!
All I knew is that I was willing to re write my proposal a 1000 times till I got it right, I created a vast knowledge of real estate to the point to where I can look at a house and know what I should pay for it, without being told a cost, I am sick of rewriting proposals and this will be my utter and last one!! If nothing comes of this then I will go it alone without any of you. Let me ask you this now, is it fair that because I cannot afford the luxuries of having someone do my business plan or proposal that I had to work my ass off .to achieve, is this person a more likely candidate??? Do I really have to open your eyes like this? There is one thing I am certain in life and that is where I am headed regardless of any circumstance nothing can get in the way of my dreams! I have felt the success, I feel the success (I’m not talking money) I will live the success! I have claimed my position on earth and will not let you nor anybody else take it from me! I am in this world to be a role model, I am in this world to show others like me that have the passion and the drive that anything is possible.

Desperatly trying to get others who don’t personally know me to try to believe in me, is almost an impossible task. I asked myself why I am chasing after lenders, this is wrong I am going to make them money and I am doing them a favor. Yet you judge decline and fail to see the incredible power which one person can exude. You judge by mere words on a piece of paper, you are a fool! Is words what makes a man successful? No it’s not, it’s the will of the man. I am a man of complete honesty and integrity who has a natural passion to help people in their lives, yet you deny me the right. Any successful person learns from making mistakes and learning from them… it has been proven that successful people have more mistakes to brag about. You have to look bad before you will ever look good! For those of you who still are going to ignore these words that I am putting down and have no interest what so ever. I have one last thing, it is from Anthony Robbins and I believe he put it in such a way that I can explain it to you! I highly recommend you read his book to give you practical knowledge and insight, so that you will let go of your beliefs of what is possible. I believe anything is possible as long as you want it bad enough~!!!

Anthony Robbins: "With enough emotional intensity and repitition, our nervous systems experience something as real, even If it hasn’t occured yet. Every great achiever I have ever interviewed has had the ability to get themselves to feel certain they could succeed, even though no one before them had ever accomplished it. They’ve been able to create references where no references existed and achieve what seemed to be impossible.
Anybody who sees a computer is likely to recognize the name “Microsoft” What most people don’t realize is that Bill Gates, the co-founder of that company was not just some genius who got lucky but a person who put himself on the line with no references to back up his belief. When he found out that an Albuquerque company was developing something called a personal computer that needed BASIC software he called them up and promised to deliver it, even though he had no such thing at the time. Once he had commited himself he had to find a way. His ability to create a sense of certainty was his real genuis. Many people were just as intelligent as he was, but he used his certainty to tap into his resources, and within a few weeks he and his partner had written a language that made the personal computer a reality. By putting himself on the line and finding a way, Bill Gates had set in motion that day a series of events that would change the way people do business, and became a billionaire by the time he was thirty years old. Certainty carries POWER.

Please respond and let me know if there is anything else I can clear up of if there is anything you can do for me…P.S. Ed I am probably going to take you up on your offer, all I have to do is find an investment that is lucrative. The money has to be made on the purchase!
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I got a lot of response on the job issue, that decision was backed and induced by many hugely successful people like Phill Mcgraw, Anthony Robbins etc. The reason I quit was because I had proven in numbers a peoven easy way to produce the auto shop I worked for an extra 15 million dollar gross profit per year, when I presented it to the president he didn’t bother to look at ot and began telling me how he has a 19 year old son and began bragging about his own successes and his million dollar house, he then began telling me what I was capable of and telling me what I souldn’t do. Once again someone pre judged me without ever knowing me. I was offered a job as a service advisor at the age of 19 in charge of technicians with 20+ years experience and became one of the companies top salesman out doing the best of the best. I quit the next morning after that conversation with my president. At this point in my life quitting was the best thing I have ever done! I worked 50-60 hours a week for 2 and a half years there. I had worked 6 straight years without ever taking a vacation, I got a job the day I turned sixteen. I have been studying businesses since I was 14. I know what it take to be successful and I will be successful.
I get results, take this past letter for example I had a catchy title which led you into reading the post, then I said a lot of stuff that I knew would play on your emotions,a nd get a good response, especially by saying southern California’s smartest—there’s no way—because it took everybody else forever… I actually believe I am one of the most knowledgeable in the nation, if you want me to inform you of how I came up with that conclusion just ask me. :slight_smile: