Alternative Septic Systems - Posted by Arthur

Posted by Brent_IL on September 17, 2003 at 16:37:26:

Do a Google search for “greywater systems” and "compositing toilets? The folks at may have some ideas. They inherited many helpful people when they merged with Jade Mountain.

Alternative Septic Systems - Posted by Arthur

Posted by Arthur on September 16, 2003 at 22:47:53:

I am contemplating purchasing a mobile home park and am in the middle of the feasibility study to determine whether or not THIS deal is worth it? I am getting 8 trailers all are more than 30 years old but people still live in them and to be honest they aren’t that bad, no leaks, just needs paint, carpet those type’s of things. The purchase also comes with 3 single family homes, good condition, needs paint, carpet too, (brick) on 4 acres just off of two major corridors. The area is truely expanding, growth rate in one of the highest in the country, an airport has already been installed and are now expanding it within 3 miles but the park isn’t in the flight pattern, Giant Food Stores, Wa-Wa, CVS, etc…its really growing fast, all of this is why I’m still trying to make it work, oh there is also a morratoriam in this county on mobile home parks. So there are 11 homes, on 11 lots, and 4 acres, 3 drain fields (1) is failing, and two wells. The problem I’m running into is sewage is coming to the surface and I need a fix? I can tap into the county but it is very expensive, over $50K to hook up and even if money wasn’t a problem there is still a timeline of 6 months to a year to get hooked up. Due to the fact that the sewage is already coming to the surface I need an immediate fix that hopefully will last a very long time, (atleast pass the inspection) and will cost little. This is what I’m up against, the property will not accomodate any more drain fields and I can’t tell if the drain fields have lived out their live, I believe I should assume the drain field can’t be repaired, its over 40 years old. The bank won’t finance me if the inspection fails or the county shuts the doors, so if the inspection comes back as failed, they will not loan me the money but if I have a cost effective alternative then they will loan me the money. It just seems there are TOO many positives to let this pass bye thats why I’m continuing to pursue this. Any suggestions or recommmendations? Thanks for any information anyone may have.

Re: Alternative Septic Systems - Posted by Gib

Posted by Gib on September 17, 2003 at 21:06:36:

Try running a search on terralift or terralift2000. I don’t know what their success rate is, but I believe they give a guarantee.


Re: Alternative Septic Systems - Posted by Gary (VA)

Posted by Gary (VA) on September 17, 2003 at 16:42:15:

Go to your local health department office and apply for a repair permit. They will come out, evaluate your site and provide options. In some areas it will be necessary to hire a consultant to evaluate your situation and determine the feasability of various repair/construction options. Do not commit to anything unless it is contingent on receiving a permit to establish a functioning system.