Am i being robbed? - Posted by Louis

Posted by Sean (TX) on March 14, 2002 at 21:23:45:

Yes, you are being robbed! Assume this until your own lawyer tells you otherwise. I’ve been there. Rule 1: Don’t trust anyone. Rule 2: Definitely don’t trust anyone else’s lawyer! Get a copy of the official will left by your Grandparents. Have your lawyer look at it.

If it was entrusted to you. There was a reason at the time. Even if that reason is no longer relevant. The house may be legally yours. If the house is really your’s, it’s worth more than $2,500.

It may be that you live in a community property state and that your uncle remortgaged after they were married. In that case her name may be on the mortgage with a right of survivorship. However, if the house was entrusted to you, they may not have been legally able to mortgage.

Like I said, you need your own lawyer.

If it is your’s and if she gives you a hard time, have your lawyer send her a bill for past rent.

Am i being robbed? - Posted by Louis

Posted by Louis on March 13, 2002 at 22:29:34:

I recently learned that my deceased grandparents house was being sold by my uncles wife, she can not sell the house with out my signature releasing my right to the house.
she had her lawyer offer me $2,500. to sign, he is stating that the house was intrusted to me as a child to protect the asset in a divorce.
and that he could easily fix the paper work in court.
I don’t know if the house was left to me by my grandparents
or if what they say is true, i do know this lady maried into the family 4 years after their death and her husband ,(my uncle) died shortly after, so is the house hers?
what do i do ?