An introduction to exchanging, equity marketing and creative real estate

Hello! My name is Asher Refailov, I work for Allen Realty out of Manitou Springs, CO. Other than property management, etc, I am a filmmaker. Over the past few years I have been interviewing and following different members of the exchangors from the local, regional and national conferences.

All of the videos are available on youtube if you search the channel 1031 Paper, but I feel that this most recent video I am working on is more appealing. It works as a great introduction to the types of advanced real estate formulas and methodology that these exchangors apply to their profession. Some uplifting stuff, too!

The video is currently unlisted and is a rough cut, so you need the direct link to view it, but feel free to share it around with any interested parties. Not sure if these forums are actually used, I’ve never been on here, so if anyone has any idea of a better place to post this information, please let me know!

Good luck on all your future endeavors!


Interesting video. I wanted to let you know I saw it since you are unsure if people use this forum. Biggerpockets is another great place to share content and connect with investors.

Steve Keighery
Home Buyer Louisiana

I would love to watch the video but it is saying that it is private