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The course is designed for a guy like you: intermediate investor who has already done some deals, knows the biz, and wants to get to the next level. What I found absolutely invaluable was the one-on-one follow-up with Ed afterwards. That is absolutely invaluable.

Like every other course out there, you get out of it what you put into it. Ed is easy to get on the phone, and he ain’t stingy with his time (assuming you aren’t wasting it and are crunching numbers and doing deals). If this is you, you will make the conference price back on your first deal.

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Any Comments on Ed & Terry’s “How to”…Course? - Posted by Rolfe Mpls?StP

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Fellow Creonliners;

Any comments from those who have taken the Ed Garcia and Terry Vaughn course “How to get Lenders Fighting to Lend you Money” course?

Finding financing continues to be a big challenge for me, even though I’ve bought and renovated 10 properties in the last 2 years. Sold 5 and kept 5.

Has your ability to land financing improved as advertised on this site?

Thanks a $million and a half; Rolfe Kurtyka

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Changed my Life! - Posted by David S

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I first met Terry at a seminar in Orlando some years back. This was prior to he and Ed starting their lender workshop. I’ll keep this brief;

After the day had ended, I asked Terry to join me for dinner. My bank had been giving me some trouble and I wanted to get some input. He seemed to be the one I needed to talk to.

Terry asked me to explain “exactly” what was going on… In short, I had been doing business with this bank for 15 years when all of a sudden, they decided I had “enough” on the books and wanted to cut me off. After 15 years of ZERO late payments, good business, easy and simple purchases, the banker decided to turn down a loan on a small mobile home park.

After explaining this to Terry in about 15 minutes, he told me exactly what to do.

When I returned home, I went straight to the bank (I deal with the President) and the process, as described by Terry, started.

I walked into the President’s office and TOLD him to pull up my credit history with the bank. I then TOLD him to decribe my payment history, the amounts of loans, etc.
I knew everything was ‘gold plated’. So did he.

Then it started… I slammed my fist down on his desk, TOLD him what I thought about him turning down good business with a good customer, that I didn’t have to “offer” his bank any more business, I could get the money at any other bank in town, etc. His eyes almost popped out of his head. I don’t think he’d ever had anyone “chew his @ss” before.

Before I left, he had called the chairman of the board, and who knows who else. I left the bank that day with the “approval” to buy this park, and just about anything else I wanted. Within days, I submitted another package (in person) to purchase another park, approved on the spot, and the show goes on till this day. He still calls me to see if I need anything, anything at all.

Terry made me realize that MY “mindset” was out of whack. THESE PEOPLE WORK FOR ME! I make the payments. I make the decisions. I know what is best for me. I can do business anywhere I choose… and it was MY responsibility to make this banker know it!

If you have the opportunity to go to this workshop, do NOT miss it. I have been to 2 of their workshops and just this week, discussed with each of them, the idea of me being able to attend the upcomming event.

Each of them have poured their hearts and souls into this workshop. Ed’s ability to explain the lender business will put you light-years above anyone around. Ray’s ability with manufactured housing and mobile home parks is beyond explaination here. And then there’s Terry. The above example should speak for itself, not to forget his “paper” knowledge. They are all “Masters of the Trade”.

It will change the way you do business with banks (allow banks to have your business!) and also change your life, forever.

David S

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