Any Good Banks Willing to work w/ US ??? - Posted by Peter

Posted by phil fernandez on May 21, 1999 at 19:07:51:


Not to be too harsh here and I’m not in your market but if I were why would I give you that information so that you would become my competitor.

The best way for you to establish ties with banks who might be flexible on their pricing for quick all cash sales would be to visit each bank and start to build a relationship with that person in the REO department. You want to deal with the individual who has the authority to be able to make the decision on what price the bank is willing to accept.

This is not a one shot contact with that bank employee. It is an ongoing building a relationship with this person. The bank REO guy has to feel confident that 1./ You have the ability to cash him out of his problem.

2./ That you are willing to pull the trigger quickly.
3./ That you know what you are doing so as to not waste his time.

Any Good Banks Willing to work w/ US ??? - Posted by Peter

Posted by Peter on May 21, 1999 at 18:20:54:

I’m in the business of foreclsures, and have found out the pre-foreclosure’s have been the best for now, working with the owners in foreclosure, the way the market has been .

My question > Anyone have some good leads on banks and/or REO departments that will work with investors, to do quick sales.

Miami, Florida