Any suggestions for seeking potential partners?

Hi all, I’m new to this board but it looks like there is a lot of good advice available here. Here’s my situation, I purchased a mixed use building (5 luxury apartments with two car garages above 5 retail/office spaces) in a strong area with some of the best development in the Tulsa area. This was my first leap into commercial real estate and I made a few mistakes. The biggest of which was getting involved in a business partnership with a tenant that was a complete disaster and I lost way more money than I could afford. In fact, the biggest mistake I made was taking the building off the market because we were going to need it for our “can’t miss business.” After I finally cut my losses and escaped the partnership, I battled through a very dark time and for the first time since I purchased the property, I will be in positive cash flow next month! That’s the good news. With that being said, we just found out we have a baby on the way and suddenly I don’t feel like I have the risk tolerance I once did. I feel like I have a pretty good product but I know that I need to become more personally solvent at this point. I am confident that the building will be a good investment and part of me is reluctant to give up any ownership but I know that I need to. Any suggestions on how to start my search?