Anyone doing Lonnie deals in WV? - Posted by Art in WV

Posted by Jess Knepper on May 18, 2000 at 21:56:56:

Do you have to pay sales tax in your state? If so without a dealers licence you would have to pay the sales tax every time you did a deal, which would make each deal more expensive according to how much sales tax you paid. I am facing the same problem in my state of WA about the site etc. I have considered doing a deal or so without the licence and just considering the sales tax as part of the expense of doing business until I have enough capital to qualify.


Anyone doing Lonnie deals in WV? - Posted by Art in WV

Posted by Art in WV on May 18, 2000 at 21:37:07:

Hello all. I’ve been following the posts for some time now, recently received and read Deals on Wheels, scouted some parks in my area, looked up local newspaper ads on internet, getting forms ready to talk with people, generally getting all set to do a deal here real soon. Wondering if anyone else in WV has had a “dealer license” experience? Received license info from DMV and except for not really applicable requirements such as having a lot, office seperate from residence, signage, set open hours, no junk laying around (watch out for my kids rooms), etc, there is nothing in the law about used MH sellers. I am going to take the approach of the Ohio guys postings last couple of days and go onward without a license. How could it be possible to meet these kind requirements working out of my home and still do the deal? Anyone with any experience in WV regarding this issue?