Anyone from Youngstown, OH - Posted by Chad Vick

Posted by Jay Bee (alias) on February 05, 2001 at 02:59:29:


I’m going to answer your question… You may not like the answer!!

I have no intent on insulting you in any way, shape or form. You are probably a wonderful person, as is everyone else who ask questions of this nature! So, please don’t take what I am about to say any way, other than EDUCATIONAL!! OK!!

Here goes… and this pertains to ALL who ask these STUPID questions… “DOES IT WORK??” or make statements like… “I CAN’T GET IT TO WORK, SO ‘IT’ MUST BE B.S. AND DOESN’T WORK!!”


A great line in “the Santa Clause” movie is (paraphrase) “Neal, just because you’ve never seen a million dollars, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist!”

  1. Can you lift 500 lbs. over your head??
  2. Can you run a sub-4-minute mile??
  3. Can you shoot a 60 or under on a Professional Golf Course??
  4. Can you walk on red-hot coals or lay on a bed of nails??
  5. Can you recite the Declaration of Independence & the United States Constitution, word-for-word??
  6. Can you win the Men’s Iron-Man Triathlon??

The answer to each and every one of these for you, as well as just about everyone is… NO!!


And… BEST OF ALL, it means that with the “PROPER” training, You too could do any of the above mentioned “feats” of “WOW-NESS?”

Will it be easy?? NO, NOT AT ALL!!
Will it be worth it?? MAYBE?? Only the person who did it can answer that for themselves!

WELL, Guess what DUDE??
Anything extraordinary takes TIME, TRAINING, EDUCATION, COMMITMENT, PERSEVERENCE, PATIENTCE, and a host of other character traits! That’s why the call it EXTRAORDINARY!!


Carleton Sheets is NOT the END-ALL-GURU in the R.E. BIZ… it’s that simple!! NO ONE IS!!

So, don’t look for a magic genie in a bottle, cause it doesn’t exist!!

However Carleton Sheets IS:

  1. Knowledgeable & Experienced
  2. A good teacher
  3. yada, yada, yada…

What I mean to say is that HE is a good source of information, just as are 1000’s of other people!!

THEREFORE, the questions are these:

  1. Is his course worth the money?? Absolutely, without a doubt! And, Yes, you can find the same info elsewhere, but it would be in many different places, and when you get done accumulating it from ALL the other sources, it will definitely be much more time invested, and probably will cost more as well! Simple because, the information he provides is readily available in 100’s of other locations! It’s nothing new! BUT, he pulls it all together… that’s what you’re paying for!!

  2. Does his “STUFF” work?? Yes, in a simple answer.
    I know many people who do what he talks about… but I can guarantee none of them learned it from him, including myself!! But, I can also say that these same people would STILL FIND VALUE in what Carleton speaks about… including myself!! I learned a few things from his course that saved me $1000’s and will continue to save me even more!!

  3. Do I agree with everything he says? NO, and no one ever should!! That’s what makes us unique!! I think you mentioned you only have a couple thousand dollars… it’s going to be tough… real tough!! BUT, it can be done, I know some people who have done it!! However, that doesn’t mean YOU can do it!!

First thing you need is EDUCATION… Second thing is EDUCATION… and the third thing is… EDUCATION!!
Get my point!!

Personally I worked hard for years in a R.E. management & investment company… meet & talked to many many people… asked a lot of questions… read a lot of books, some of them twice… went to way to many seminars… bought way too many tape courses… You get the picture, DON’T YOU!!

In the end, it worked for me… Every little thing helped with MY EDUCATION!

YOU, however, have none of this behind you!! So, why on god’s-green-earth do you actually think that you could accomplish what I HAVE??

YOU CAN’T… at least not yet! The question is will you endure?? Will you do what needs to be done?? Will you spend the time?? Will you educate yourself??

so… yes, Carleton Sheets IS a good source of information, and yes HE’s worth every penny you spent on him!! But remember, YOU NEED MORE… so much more!! If I remember properly… Carleton himself even says that his course is ONLY THE BEGINNING, and NOT THE END!! or something like that.

Therefore, my suggestion to you is this…

  1. continue to listen & read the Sheets stuff, over and over!
  2. go to the local library, and read EVERYTHING they can get for you on the R.E. ‘game’… and there is a lot of it!
  3. then, go to a bookstore… and yes… BUY SOME BOOKS!! personally, I have over 100 titles, each has a little gem inside, some… have many gems inside! and together they equal a TREASURE CHEST!!
  4. surf the Internet… I’ve recently found that to be a pretty good source of info also!
  5. if possible, get a job that has something to do with REAL ESTATE!! it helps in the learning process!
  6. this is the BEST INFO I WILL SHARE WITH YOU, and if I had to do it ALL OVER AGAIN, this is what I would do… FIND A MENTOR!! Someone that is buying properties, and that is willing to teach you!! here’s the catch… nothing in life is for free, so if you want someone to mentor you, you have to make it worth his or her while… simply put, YOU OFFER TO DO WHAT EVER THEY WANT YOU TO DO, AND YOU DO IT FOR FREE!!

Hope I wasn’t too harsh on you, I also hope it helps you and others out, because I spent way too much time typing this out!

Later dude,
Jay Bee

(please, no direct postings to me, I simply won’t reply!)

Anyone from Youngstown, OH - Posted by Chad Vick

Posted by Chad Vick on February 04, 2001 at 19:17:05:

I’m from Youngstown, OH and using the Carleton Sheets program. I am not having any luck. Does this program really work??? I need inspiration!!!

Thanks Chad