Anyone gotten in trouble over bandit signs? - Posted by Charity

Posted by vladimir_chicago on December 08, 2000 at 12:48:55:


Are you getting fined for your first “offense”? I would not think that anyone would fine you BEFORE warning you first. Furthermore, in my area, there are plenty of bandit signs (for losing weight, work from home, etc) nailed to phone poles, etc, which is an indication that noone is being punished or fined for posting their signs.

I would say that if there are bandit signs standing around for at least a week, it is safe to presume that nothing will happen to you if you place your sign in similar area.

I had my brother-in-law posting signs for me last week, and he posted one sign on the mall property of one of the prestigious neighborhoods (Oak Brook, IL) and I got a call from mall security officer that evening, telling me that mall was a private property and that I had to take down my sign. I apologized and politely asked him if he could take it down for me…He agreed and I told my brother-in-law to NEVER place any signs on property in Oak Brook.

Furthermore, I give out only my cellular phone number, which is of course not listed in the yellow pages, making it a little more difficult to find me.

Good luck,

Anyone gotten in trouble over bandit signs? - Posted by Charity

Posted by Charity on December 08, 2000 at 11:50:35:

I am about to put out dozens of nice looking signs on posts (not on telephone poles). I know it is illegal practically everywhere now, but everyone does it and I don’t know of anyone who has gotten in real trouble. Other than possibly getting a warning, has anyone gotten fined or, dare I ask, arrested over such a thing?


Re: Anyone gotten in trouble over bandit signs? - Posted by dewCOq

Posted by dewCOq on December 08, 2000 at 16:29:20:

The signs on posts on public property are illegal too in my city. If you put them on private property they’ll probably get tossed too without asking permission first.

Re: Anyone gotten in trouble over bandit signs? - Posted by AnnNC

Posted by AnnNC on December 08, 2000 at 15:40:58:

I see a number of signs for one “I buy houses” company that are planted on private property, somewhat like political
campaign signs, but better quality than phone pole signs; large lettering, simple message, no company name, and two thin metal spikes in ground-quite sturdy, closeer to eye-level, and not on roads with high speed limit… These must be with owner’s permission, or on property that is owned by the
I- buy company.
I dont’ know what the local ordinances would be for time or size-limits of political campaign signs in lawns of private
residence–obvioulsy these must vary, but worth
cheching this out. I see a lot on telephone poles, but that is not only option. Plus, phone pole signs are
very hard to read.
Also, you can use, as do I, a second phone number which is unlisted, costs $2-$4/month, not a second line, but a special ring, and is not cross indexed, for personal safety
There might be some ordinace against home business that
might come into play in some municipalities, if these were left long enough, but I also see them on property of new construction, and vacant lots, so maybe they worked something out with a builder.
Just some thoughts. Ann

Re: Trouble over bandit signs? - Posted by rudy

Posted by rudy on December 08, 2000 at 12:12:57:

Yes, the City of Austin ownes the Electric (Austin Energy, Co.) and the right of ways between the street and the property line and they impose a heavy fine for violations. Better that you put up a poster board or ads in the local newspaper. I run six ads for buyers in the sunday paper under various areas of houses for sale and rent for less than the cost of bandit signs and the fines.