Anyone living in Las Vegas???? - Posted by Rob

Posted by Natasha (MD) on March 03, 1999 at 22:17:25:

I do not live in Las Vegas but I purchased a vacation condo near the strip a few years ago. I have relatives that live in North Vegas and I have read quite a few articles about the inflow of people moving to Vegas from California and other areas. One article (I believe it was Inc. magazine) mentioned 5,000 people move there a month. Anyway, our condo is in walking distance to the strip and I get people all the time calling and writing me to see if I would sublet for short term stays for tourists. I believe it definately is a market to research.

Anyone living in Las Vegas??? - Posted by Rob

Posted by Rob on February 28, 1999 at 23:31:13:

Anyone here lives in Las Vegas? I am going there soon and would like some information there. Please email me ASAP!!
Thank you.

I was there earlier this year and was checking out the R.E. there. What are good area and bad? Why are there so many house for sale there? There seem to be so much land and more construction building house there. Wouldn’t that depress the houses there? How about L/O is it easy to do there?

Any Suggestion would be appriecated.