Anyone read Ron Legrand's book 'Quick Cash'??? - Posted by Steve H.

Posted by martin greenberg on March 13, 1999 at 09:39:49:

I not only have read the book, I have four copies of it. I believe it is the best general book on real estate bar none! A very good overview to: fliping; lease/options; and creative financing. Instead of buying the book at a store, call 1-800-4961874 and find out when he is speaking in your area. He is a dynamic speaker and frequently gives the book away at the seminar.

His tapes are good. Lots of information along with forms. His boot camps are VERY EXPENSIVE!!! I have attended them all and learned a lot but have not used what I learned. What does that say about me? Check out the creonline chat room any night about 9 P.M. EST. There are some people who can talk about Ron there.

Anyone read Ron Legrand’s book ‘Quick Cash’??? - Posted by Steve H.

Posted by Steve H. on March 13, 1999 at 07:47:59:

From what I can tell many of you like Ron Legrand’s material. Has anyone read his book ‘Quick Cash’??? I read one of his articles in the articles section of this site and it seems he recommend L/O more so than rehabing properties.

Thanks for the input,

Steve H.