Anyone suggest a beginers' course? ( will start flipping. ) - Posted by Rob and Jean

Posted by Donielle Head on November 30, 1999 at 11:50:49:

Rob and Jean

I have read the book by Ron and it is a good start. What you want to do is post a message saying ‘I need help - Anyone from Missouri?’ You should get some responses and put in your message that you want to start flipping and need someone who is currently flipping in your area. You may find someone who is willing to let you see a process from start to finish. I am really interested in flipping because I am starting out too. They can hook you up to a Real Estate Club which can be very helpful. That is my advise. Good luck you guys=)

Anyone suggest a beginers’ course? ( will start flipping. ) - Posted by Rob and Jean

Posted by Rob and Jean on November 29, 1999 at 17:39:30:

We have been following this site for a few months now. We first thought to get into MH deals and even bought Lonnies’ first book,but after reading it We beleive it would be best to start out flipping.We still truly beleive Lonnies’ methods can work but wish to build a “stake” first. My Wife and I are currently moving into the St.Louis metro area.I just started a job there and we actually purchased our first MH for personal use/rehab investment. We will be living in St.Charles county for now ,which is just across the missouri river from STL. We have so many questions like - Which areas would be better to focus on? St.Charles county is the fastest growing county in Missouri,but there seems to be more of a selection of SFH in STL. county . All that said we are leaning towards Ron LeGrands’ “Quick turn fast cash real estate course”.Anybody out there try this one yet?
We also like Joe Kaisers “Totally Dominate your forclosure marketplace” and “Abandoned Properties” courses.If anyone has info on these courses I would really like to hear from them.Also having mentioned flips can anyone suggest a course and or reference material strictly pertaining to flips?
PS: Joe if your out there we really like your new web-site and even contemplated joining “The Biz” but its not in the cards for now…
My sincere thanks in advance for any responses…


Re: Anyone suggest a beginers’ course? ( will start flipping. ) - Posted by Renee

Posted by Renee on November 30, 1999 at 19:57:01:

Hi, I would recommend reading Jackie Lange’s articles on flipping. Just go to How-To-Articles and scroll down you should see “Beginners Quick Flip Primer” parts I and II. I used that and Ron’s book just starting out. Also check out the section on this site about finding “investment clubs in your area”. Creonline should be able to point you in the right direction. Keep an eye on the news group there are alot of posts about flipping in here. Hope this helps. Best wishes and much success!!! :slight_smile: