Anyone using Palm handheld for RE business? - Posted by Ron

Posted by DougO(NM) on March 05, 2000 at 16:23:49:

Hi Ron
The Palm comes with it’s own address (contact), to-do and a program called Palm Desktop that is similar to Outlook. The programs I mentioned are an upgraded version of Palms Standard ones that IMHO add much more flexibility and makes it more usable. Palm includes a Synchronization program that keeps the desktop computer and palm up to date with the same info. (Change/add info in one & it will appear in the other when you sync) You don’t need Outlook, though since that’s what I am using on the computer in the office, it’s nice to be able to sync the palm and office computer. (That way my boss, errr, wife, can check on my schedule, etc.) Palm includes an additional program that will keep the Palm Synced up with Outlook in addition to it’s own Palm Desktop Program. (Which I like because it’s easy to share info between Word/Excel/etc.) I am using 2000, jsut becuase I like to stay current and keep Bill rich. I am certain I saw that Franklin Covey sells a version that adds their Time Management tools to Outlook and carries it over to the Palm. I’m sure you can check it out at their store.
I got the other software I was talking about as follows:
Financial Calculator:
Good Luck

Anyone using Palm handheld for RE business? - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on March 05, 2000 at 08:39:36:

I am thinking about buying one of these electronic organizers.

I’m afraid that I’ll get it and not use it, reverting back to my old, large, clumsy, paper daily planner.

If you use an electronic PDA, I’d love to hear how you use it to manage contacts, maintain notes/info about properties, etc.



Re: Anyone using Palm handheld for RE business? - Posted by DougO(NM)

Posted by DougO(NM) on March 05, 2000 at 10:07:13:

I use the Palm V. I am getting better at using it, because you do need to learn how to best use it in your work/life. (I bought it 'cause I got sick of doing the update thing every month with my Sr. Format Day timer) I like the fact that it integrates with Outlook. (Contacts,Calender,To-Do) It’s a nice way to jot down properties you want to investigate further as you drive by (memo’s) and there are several software programs that I would advise you consider adding to improve on the Palm’s built in applications

  1. Datebook 3 - provides more control over how you view your calender and todo’s
  2. To-Do Plus - For the same reason
    • FC PLus Pro - I use this for my financial calculator when I don’t have my HP. It can do Time Value and Cash Flow calculations, and it uses a spreadsheet approach where you just fill in what you know and solve for what you don’t, pretty easy.

Over all it is way better than the paper system, though I’m sure one can get by with the Palm III just as well. The Palm V is more expensive, but it’s slim form factor fits in just about any pocket or suit very well without a huge bulge.

TIP - search the internet sites like or and get the lowest price you can find on the model you want. Print out the order page that shows the price and shipping charges, then cancel without ordering. Take it to Office Depot and they will give it to you for that price.


Re: Anyone using Palm handheld for RE business? - Posted by Ron

Posted by Ron on March 05, 2000 at 11:04:20:


Thanks for the detailed reply.

A few follow-up questions:

= I don’t use Outlook, but I do have MS Office 97. The applications you mentioned related to Outlook are important to me (contacts, calendar, to-do). I thought the PALM included at least the latter two apps. Is Outlook better? Does PALM have a contact app? Is Outlook 97 okay, or do I need to upgrade?

= Where did you get the add-on apps you mentioned? The first two (Datebook and To-Do Plus) seem like they would take care of two of the three Outlook apps you mentioned. (Again, I don’t see why Outlook is needed.)

= I do need a simple financial calculator app to calculate loan info (monthly payments, etc.) I would like to get that or something like it. I’ve seen some advertised that offer dozens of financial functions, but I’m not interested in anything too complicated.

= I am thinking of getting the Palm Vx. I like the size and don’t want to regret not having enough RAM. Oddly enough, I have looked for deals on the internet, and I don’t see anything much cheaper than the $399 retail price offered by everyone. I’m thinking about getting it at Franklin/Covey. Theirs is $399 and includes their planner software package and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

I look forward to further comments.

Thanks Doug.


Have you considered a Window CE handheld? - Posted by Glenn OH

Posted by Glenn OH on March 05, 2000 at 19:54:39:

This Operating System is closer to Windows and the apps may be more easily interfaced with Office97 apps.