Approaches to enforce park rules - Posted by james(CA)

Posted by Edwin Bland on July 22, 2007 at 09:41:02:

Hi Heather,

This is perfect! Thanks so much. It’s exactly what I needed to know. I really appreciate it.

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Edwin Bland
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Approaches to enforce park rules - Posted by james(CA)

Posted by james(CA) on July 18, 2007 at 21:59:19:

Provided that I don’t like to go face-to-face with residents when someone violates park rules. What are some of effective approaches to enforce rules on on late rents, no skirt, junk on lawn, loud noice, drugs etc. Do you simply write letters, call police if more serious? Of course I can use a manager to do the dirty work as well. Since I am not very big, surely I don’t want to get into argument or fight. What are some of safe and effective approaches? Thanks

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Posted by Daphne Lowe on July 19, 2007 at 22:39:15:

We have found that keeping communications on a professional level
(that is, polite and respectful) tends to keep tensions down. Be patient
and explain the reasons behind a rule and answer any questions they
raise in argument. Even if they get irate, stay calm, donâ??t raise your
voice, and control your demeanor. If they are high strung, you be low
key; if you match their energy, the situation will escalate. Using this
approach we have dealt with drug dealers, trespassers, broken up
parties, ended fights, etc.

Getting residents to toe the line is a lot like getting a 6 year old to do
what you want. You can bribe, coerce, negotiate, even trick them into
complying with your wishes, but if you use brute force, youâ??re gonna
pay a price.

If you have a manager to handle this for you, be sure that he or she has
the people skills to deal with these situations without becoming
confrontational. Otherwise, they will create a hostile environment. This
will not only make your job harder as park owner, itâ??s likely to make
the managerâ??s life untenable (especially if they live onsite), and theyâ??ll

Itâ??s a little disconcerting that you seem to be a bit intimidated by your
tenants. You may want to work on that.


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Posted by Brenda (OH) on July 19, 2007 at 06:54:47:


I found from chatting with the current residents while working in the park, that they very often get mixed up about the rules.

example: I was told that window AC units were against the park rules but “lots of people have them”.

when I checked with the park manager, window AC units are allowed, and she was puzzled as to why a resident would think they were not allowed.

maybe you need to resend the rules once or twice a year to all residents, with a brief note on top such as:

spring is here, please check your property to see if any snow damage has happened to your home, shed, skirting etc that would be serious enough to violate park standards for these items. If you find damage, please contact the park manager to discuss how soon you can do the repairs.

or, fall is here, we will be checking more closely for third vehicle situations, since illegally parked vehicles make it hard to do the snow plowing everywhere it is needed.

and boy oh boy, are the residents VERY aware of how the rules are enforced, and seem to be up on exactly how long people were given to correct problems etc. and if things were done even handedly. Especially if it involves getting rid of their third vehicle lol.

If you have the manager “doing the dirty work” you may want to decide if you want the park manager to refer to you as the regional manager, and the owner or corporation is the one making the demands. This is similar to presenting yourself as the apartment manager, not the owner of the property.

or you can refer to a silent partner, who makes demands. I have been told it works well to say stuff like “well, I would really like to give you a lot more time to do the repairs, but my partner, he is really putting pressure on me to get the properties improved quickly.”

Brenda (OH)

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Posted by David Monson on July 19, 2007 at 03:23:57:

In this case size don’t matter. I use an approved ( by the agency that oversee’s mobile home parks in Fl. ) violation letter. I send it to all the residents who violate the rules and I send it the first time they violate. I follow up with a second notice if they violate again. Rarely do I have to go further because the letters have a huge amount of authority behind them.
If the violation is illegal, by all means, call the cops but also send that violation letter.
The reason is basic, you have a paper trail for when you go to court.
Face to face is of course the friendly way to try to resolve the problem but by using letters you eliminate the “he said/she said” thing, its in black and white and you both have a copy.
To keep things on an even keel you have to treat all the residents the same, fairly, and equally. NO favoritism.
Keep good records, take pictures when you can, explain the violations in detail, and go beyond the minimum when dealing with a minor violation. Don’t evict cuz the lawn didn’t get mowed this week.
Lastly, have a set of well written rules and administer them according to the laws of your state.

Good luck,
Dave Fl.

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Posted by james(CA) on July 19, 2007 at 11:15:46:

Hi Brenda,
Just curious, if you have a good rule document in MS Word format, mind email it to me or tell me where to download one perhaps? I will really appreciate it. If not, that is ok. I am looking to buy my 1st park. Thanks again Brenda…

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Re: Approaches to enforce park rules - Posted by Edwin Bland

Posted by Edwin Bland on July 19, 2007 at 04:24:22:

Hi all,

These are good suggestions. Does anyone know where I can locate the rules that apply to the state of Texas?

Thanks in advance!

Edwin Bland
Mansfield, TX

Re: Approaches to enforce park rules - Posted by hfrancis (TX)

Posted by hfrancis (TX) on July 20, 2007 at 08:09:34:

Here are the links you need:
Texas property code
Title 8 chapter 94 Manufactured Home Tenancies-These are the rules for space rentals. Chapter 92 Residential Tenancies-Rules if you rent mobile homes
Title 4 chapter 24 Forcible Entry & Detainer- Rules for eviction if you rent mobile homes

Texarkana, TX

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Posted by Edwin Bland on July 21, 2007 at 19:51:16:

Hi Heather,

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I’m trying to find out the regulations on evictions. We closed escrow on a park on Friday & we know we already have 2-3 tenants that are several months behind on rents… We’d like to evict them in a way that doesn’t get us in trouble. I’ve heard 3 day notices are standard in Texas… but I’d like to be sure before I issue one.

Thanks again!


Edwin Bland

Re: Approaches to enforce park rules - Posted by hfrancis (TX)

Posted by hfrancis (TX) on July 22, 2007 at 06:12:07:

Edwin, here is a link to the Austin Tenant’s Council brochure on manufactured home park rules. It covers most things from a tenants point of view and is a very good overall guide to the state rules and regs. It is an easy read and will get you up to speed quickly on how to do things correctly in Texas.