AS OF MARCH 29- 1999, Hud is... - Posted by Lee

Posted by Laure on March 31, 1999 at 01:13:24:

Hud has been in transition for a couple of weeks. This looks like correct info. to me.

I am quite pleased to have the new link. Thanks !

Laure :slight_smile:

AS OF MARCH 29- 1999, Hud is… - Posted by Lee

Posted by Lee on March 30, 1999 at 16:14:22:

Hud is changing the way it markets it’s inventory

See “”


April Fool? - Posted by BankRobber

Posted by BankRobber on March 30, 1999 at 22:06:22:

I read the notice that you sited. Interesting. But it is completely in contrast to the Socialist nature of HUD. You must be on the HUD V.I.P. list to have gotten that information so soon. Somehow I just will not believe it until I see the listing on the new regional Management Company’s web sites and on the local MLS (no HUD properties on either at present).

Re: HUD VIP ? - Posted by Lee

Posted by Lee on March 31, 1999 at 09:50:46:

I had noticed HUD had stopped sending their “properties for sale list” to our board office a couple of weeks ago and knew something was up.

I did what JOE KAISER recomended in his “Totally Dominate Your Foreclosure Marketplace”. I saw an add in the newspaper that said

"Need person or persons to preform clean up & lawn maint. on FORECLOSED properties. Call (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

The J.O.B. didn’t intrest me but the word FORECLOSURE did get my attention. When I called, the lady said HUD has re-let contracts for maint. and marketing their properties. We talked about the detail of HUD’s new marketing, she said all of their business will be on the innernet from now on, she told me the URL of our nearest “management co.”. I then went to the URL for HUD properties in my area and the notice at
"" came up. So I posted it.

Re: Getting information so quickly.
It’s part of my Real Estate business.

I made $3,600 (25 % of the total commission) in less than 8 hours recently, because I was first to my buyer with a $360,000 apartment complex.